Another early and BUSY day in the NICU. It started off nicely then 2pm hit and we got a very sick baby.

 I didnt stop running til 730 that night!

Well lets get to the eats (they arent pretty)
7am Hard Boiled Egg
10am oats, banana, PB
12am HUGE cookie
145 SPinach salad w/ pecans, chicken, cranraisins, and feta
2pm anothe cookie……
5pm 2 hershey kisses and 1 dove chocolate
9pm shrimp, pasta, laughing cow, and veggies

Well at least I started and ended the day MUCH better than the middle of the day.

And even after a crazy day. I am looking at the positive
-My knee only hurt ONCE when walking from the parking garage to work. (most people take the shuttle, I walk)
-I went to the gym afterwards! I did 20 minutes on the elliptical and 10 minutes on the bike!!

Calories- calories burned= net
not too shabby for eating 2 cookies the size of my head! and Im glad I went to the gym to work off not only the calories, but some frustration. My son is at his dad’s and I miss him. My ex has also not tried to talk about the future, and I dont know what to do about it


While working out, I watched the Cardinals (THEY WON! WAHOO!)
When I was almost done with the elliptical, I noticed a pretty cute guy down the way.
I thought man, Im sweaty and gross. I was also wearing a cardinals shirt

I was like OH Man. Does that make me cool?  not only am I watching the game, but Im wearing a cardinals shirt?
HAHA oh well. Im really not THAT big of a fan!

Question for you?

Do you have specific workout gear?

-Mine is just a tshirt and workout pants

5 thoughts on “Nerd?”

  1. I can go the elliptical and aerobics in anything but I cannot run in short sleeve cotton shirts. So my outfit consists of anything that is not short sleeved and cotton. I can run in long sleeve and cotton but short sleeve and cotton? No. ha.

    I’m glad you day was good at the ends-if that makes sense ha.

    The people in my pool are not the immature idiots in my life (although they are). God if they found any of my social media-I’d be freaked out ha.

  2. I think I would have an anxiety attack if I didn’t wear some cute outfit to work out in. LoL. I like my shorts and top to generally match. My gym clothes is always fitted too. That is more of a functional thing for me (don’t want loose clothes getting in my way). I’m just a bit fan of cute gym clothes I guess!

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