at least I ate breakfast!

Well. Today was plain O crazy.

I work in the NICU, but today I was sent to the Cardiac ICU. And it was SO Busy.

Lets explain the day in eats

7am colby cheese

10am diet pepsi

12pm oats, banana, PB

3pm pecans

5pm apple

9pm shrimp, pasta, laughing cow cheese

I have NEVER not eaten. I LOVE to eat. But today, I didnt even have a second to throw something in my face. I barely had time to make it to the bathroom!

So I didnt go to the gym. I promise you I did more than enough steps and walking today haha

Well Im off to bed. I work saturday and sunday (yep four 12 hr shifts in a row. I must be crazy!)


Question for you:

What is your job? Do you like it, not, or are indiffernt to it

-I love my job, IN THE NICU haha.

What fun stuff are you doing this weekend or for the 4th?

-Since I work all weekend I will live through all of you! haha

9 thoughts on “at least I ate breakfast!”

  1. Krissy–Yes I’ve had those kind of days!!! Unfrotunately, too many to count! My problem is, I usually ending up grabbing a candy bar (right in front of the pharmacy register) and scarf it down when I feel my blood sugar dropping (or because I “deserve” one because of all the stress!!!) Hahaha!
    Fourth of July plans???…Dunno.. Maybe go see the Washington Nationals play. Go in (on my day off) and do July’s narcotic inventory… You know–exciting stuff!!

    1. oh man! Why do you have to go in on your day off?
      And if I would have had ccandy I would have eaten ALLLL OF ITTTT! but I couldnt find any 😦 haha

  2. Wow 12 hours! Crazy!
    My job is ok right now. I was in a fun lab where we tested/measured the physical and electromagnetic properties of explosives. Cool huh? Sounds cooler than it was but I enjoyed being in that lab! I’m in the same facility now in a different lab. Best part? My job title is physicist!

    Nothing too fun this weekend. Had enough of family as of today (all said and done now). Hoping to relax tomorrow for a bit with the hubs! Going to work on your present too 🙂

    1. physicist!?! thats so cool!!! and man. I would love to see what you get to do everyday. I loved chemistry lab (which Im sure is nothing compared to what you do)

      And I hope everything went ok. I hope you have some downtime to just relax.
      and presents make me happy h:-) haha

  3. We had a great 4th – we were away in the Pocono Mtns. in PA at my husband’s family cabin (very rustic – no cell/internet service, no phone, no running water….) it’s on a small lake so there were fireworks over the lake (just by the other people there, nothing professional!) and we just relaxed…swam, went for a walk and did lots of reading! Of course, there were s’mores by the campfire, too!

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