Birthday month!

After a crazy thursday and friday at work, I was back in the NICU and it was MUCH better and quiet. Which is good for me and good for the babies (this means they are doing well!)

And now that it is July, I can only be excited!

I love July. Mostly because its my birthday! I love celebrating birthdays, really anyones. Especially surprises parties. (I only had one. well almost. my mom was going to have a surprise 16th bday for me. And then I got mono. Total bummer)

my birthday w/ my friends 2009

Anywho. I love summer in gerneral, so having my birthday smack dab in the middle makes it PERFECT!

last years bday

So not only is it my birthday, BUT its official. ALL the walls are up in the kitchen and are taped!!! WAHOOO!!! Tomorrow we starting mudding

Not this type of muddin‘ haha

 I will post pictures of the kitchen as soon as my brothers gf sends them to me. I forgot my camera……I know. Whats going on with me!

Well busy day tomorrow. Im actually OFF WORK!!!! but have a million things to do, since Ive been working since wednesday.

Question for you:

What is your birthday?

Have you ever been 4 wheeling?

-I havent. We do have a four wheeler at our farm though.

younger brother and his gf

5 thoughts on “Birthday month!”

  1. Hey Krissy!

    Happy upcoming BD!!!

    I can’t wait to see how your kitchen looks when it’s done!!

    I LOVE my new kitchen!!! Not only does it look like it could be featured in House Beautiful (hahaha!!!), it has a wonderful, hardwood DANCE FLOOR!!! (But don’t tell my hubby–he thinks it’s just a kitchen floor!)

  2. How exciting! All good things!

    No four wheeling here. Rob has a three wheeler he needs to fix up though. Hm, he needs to get on that!

    Oh and my birthday was last month but I’m not big on birthdays. Mostly because I don’t like the attenion!

  3. Sounds like a fun month! I’m not fond of B-days…mostly, like Ang, I don’t like the attention…now, it’s not as much fun going “down the hill” since I’m over the hill!! Though I love it when I have to take out my license to prove my age…gotta love looking younger! My b-day is in Dec. so sometimes I can hide behind the other festivities!

    I’ve been 4-wheeling, back in HS…now, I think I’d be too scared!

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