The 4th! (+photo shoot)

I had such an awesome fourth of July, I didn’t get to bed till almost midnight and I worked today. (basically Im EXHAUSTED)

So rewind to monday~~~~~~~


The day started out with red and blue pancakes:-)

well, they turned out green and orange. Darn pumpkin added to the mix haha

Then it was time to get the legos packed up

we are onto lego phase.

This phase includes safely moving the legos from my parents house to our house. This is a major operation 😉

Old Navy. Home Depot (I swear I live here). Walmart.

THen it was off to the house to start mudding the walls! WAHOOO!!!

soda cake w/ cool whip

We then had TWO BBQues. The first was at my friend’s house and then at my parents.

FINALLY it was time for fireworks

And of course while we were waiting, we had a photo shoot


enough pics? haha.

Even though I am REALLY tired today, it was totally worth it. I want to sleep in tomorrow. then my son and I are going to go on a bike ride and go to the pool. We need a day just to chill and hang out!

Good night!

Question for you:

What did you do for the 4th?

What is your favorite bbque food?

5 thoughts on “The 4th! (+photo shoot)”

  1. Mmm cake… Oh did you say something?
    We didn’t do anything special for the holiday. I was just happy to have the day off! Favorite BBQ food? Hm.. My mom makes this pistachio pudding (like ambrosia) that is delicious. Haven’t had it in a long time. I’ll have to put in a request!

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