June update

I know this is a few days late, but I wanted to see how june went (it flew by!)


First and most important, my son turned 6!!!

I met batman at six flags

I got all the walls put up in my kitchen (and by I, I mean my brother and dad haha)

I admitted my obsessions to  dresses  and ketchup

I came to realize, I am a very lucky lady.

I learned to appreciate deal with the downward dog pose in yoga

Got my cheering in for the Cardinals!




KIller treadmill workout and bike ride


Went to a G rated gender reveal party


PB banana bread

PB Irish Soda Bread

I channeled my inner Rachael Ray.

Apple Feta Pizza

New AMAZING combo egg sandwich

I ate poison

Pumpkin oatmeal pancake

Made banana Art


I ate AT LEAST 15 egg sandwiches (this is not including hard boiled eggs I ate before work)

I went to Joey B’s TWICE wiht the family

I only lost one LB. I did make it into the 180s, and Im now at 191.

How was your June?


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