Day started off with a banana PB sandwich and a trip to the gym for spinning class.

This class kicked. my. booty! The only part I didnt like was that she did a lot of counting: 10 seconds in the seat, ten in second position, ten in third. And repeated over and over. I like variation so I dont get bored. But it got the job done.

I was a sweaty mess. I grabbed some cocoa almonds and apple (after a shower of course) and went to kohls, walmart, and sams.

By the time my son and I got home it was noon and we were hungry!

We did snack on some licorice and some AWESOME peanut butter pretzels

Lunch was simple and yummy!

picked up some cheeries at sams. they were really good and my son’s favorite

then I got a HUGE migraine. I have no idea where it came from. I had to lay down for an hour. The light really hurt.

Then I got out a new recipe for dinner (details to come tomorrow)

this is a keeper. Even my son and mom, who are SOOOO picky, loved it

Question for you:

Do you know a picky eater? are you a picky eater?

-I use to be, but now I try things I never thought. I even had octopus in mexico two years ago. Never would have thought haha

1 thought on “Picky”

  1. Mmm I love cherries! I am definitely not a picky eater, I will pretty much try anything. My husband on the other hand is very wary of new foods which makes things difficult sometimes. He also doesn’t eat a lot of my favorite things (mushrooms, red onions..) I work around him though!

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