Wardrobe Changes

The past few days, I had MANY wardrobe changes.


 Friday I worked a 12 hour shift in the NICU. It was a pretty steady day and I was busy most of the day. Of course I wore good o’ scrubs

from first day in the NICU

I then went to see the Little Mermaid at The MUNY with my son, grandma and mom.

(I had to change in my car in the parking lot. My mom brought me clothes…it was a last min decision haha)


The muny is an outdoor theater here in St Louis. I HIGHLY recommend it!


Saturday was started with a kickball tournament of the Squirrels! Where I wore the official uniform!

We ended up losing (darn. Im obviously upset) Then it was time to shower and off to my friend’s baby shower

Change two!

dress #1

 My new pink dress from old navy (only 13 bucks!)

The shower was fun. We were there for three hours eating fruit and dip,

 spinach artichoke dip, veggies, crackers, and of course mini cakes!

My friend and her husband decided not to find out what they are having…I think it will be a girl. We will see!

THIRD change for the BBQUE.

yep another dress. and with my  cool shades from target.

It was SOOO hot. But Andrew had a blast playing baseball with my guy friends.

The bbque including chicken, ketchup (of course) pasta salad,

cookies, and buffalo chicken dip (which I dominated haha)

Sorry not many photos today. Wardrobe changes take a lot of my time haha

Question for you:

If you had a kiddo, did you find out if it was a boy/girl?

-I found out with Andrew. I didn’t want anymore surprises haha

If you dont have kids, do you think you will find out or let it be a surprise?

What is your favorite disney movie?


7 thoughts on “Wardrobe Changes”

  1. *If* Rob and I ever had kids, we wouldn’t want to find out! (really big if!!!)
    And my favorite movie was the Little Mermaid! Until Beauty and the Beast came out 😛

  2. We didn’t find out with any of our 4….I figured it would make the wait that much more fun, and if we kind of wanted one gender over the other (after the 1st one) somebody would be grumpy for 40 weeks…but, after you hold that little one, it doesn’t matter one way or the other what the gender! By our 4th, I was praying for another girl…didn’t want to upend the apple cart and have to bring in new toys and clothes!!!!

  3. Hello Krissy!

    Cute pics! You look great in all of your dresses!!!

    When I had my first son, I didn’t want to know the gender. We didn’t even have an ultrasound (it wasn’t common practice 23 yrs ago!!). It was a total surprise (I was slightly disappointed at first because I was SURE it was a girl!!). With our 2nd, we did have an ultrasound near the end of the pregnancy because I was so HUGE–they thought they had miscalculated his due date. At that point, we found out he was a boy!! I was HAPPY that our 2nd was a boy–by then I had discovered how delightful little boys are!! (Don’t you agree??)

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