Birthday week + cabinet update~!

Hi everyone! Sorry my blogging has been completely crazy this week. Trying to get my house ready for my bday party on saturday resulted in no sleep, hardly having time to eat and no exercise. Well unless you count pulling up tree roots

 (yep. this happened. in 95 degree heat. yep. Im stupid. haha)

Anyway. I had a pretty good birthday. I turned 26 yesterday (it feels the same as 25 hahA)


Friday and saturday were a blur. All I ate on saturday was a banana, apple, and then dinner that I made for the party. It was so wild because I was cleaning the ENTIRE house and getting the kitchen put together. But I think pictures work best!

 The cabinets are in, but I will post pictures about that tomorrow. All that work, deserves its own post 🙂





Flowers to get my house all pretty!


Flowers from my friend Adam

my mom made my cake! Funfetti of course!

Having a party, can be A LOT of work. Especially when trying to finish up a kitchen. It isn’t finished by any means but its starting to feel like a real house now! I need a new counter top, and then I will be moving in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today, was LOOOOWWWW key. I didn’t end up falling asleep last night till 230am!! who am I? I was up texting my son’s dad……….yep.

Anywho, today included sleeping in, heading to the pool

And then I went to get my birthday present

I got a trimmer from my parents for my birthday. Funny-yes. Needed-defiantly.

Nooowwww to learn how to use it haha

Andrew had a blast.

Now im watching Iron Man, and going to bed. I work tomorrow, and my goal this week is to get sleep and get to the gym!

Question for you:

How did you spend your weekend?

For your birthday, do you prefer practical gifts?

13 thoughts on “Birthday week + cabinet update~!”

  1. Aaah I love your house!!! So cute! Can’t wait to see the rest of the kitchen but I love everything so far!

    I am definitely a practical gift person (receiving and giving them). I can’t stand too many chachkies (how do you spell that anyway?). Actually, I don’t know what I’d prefer for gifts because I have most of what I need! LoL, maybe a nice book would be good? Or a new workout shirt? Haha. Something I can use!

    And my weekend was crazy packed with barbecues, shopping, and a 5K (wrote a blog on it last night!). Fun times!

  2. Looking good! So, when can I move in!?!? 😉

    We spent the weekend between birthday parties and my hub’s 25th HS reunion events. It was hectic but fun….

    As for gifts, I’d rather get something practical. I hate spending money on frivolous things…especially when there is something practical that I want/need…I guess I look at those as an investment since it will be used often vs. wasting it on something not necessary…

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