On saturday, I was able to celebrate my birthday with several family and friends.

Besides the amazing trimmer from my parents ­čśë

I also got some amazing wine from several friends

But the best present, was Andrew lost his first tooth!

I was so excited and so was he! After putting it under his pillow,

the next day he couldnt stop talking about the silver dollar she left! haha

Ive had my share of tooth issues, but this is a good one!

What did the toothfairy leave for you as a kid?

6 thoughts on “toothless”

  1. I used to get either a silver dollar or silver half dollar – They had Kennedy on the half dollars and Eisenhower on the dollar (yup, I’m old)…Some were real silver! I saved them in a little blue leather bag….I had them into adulthood, but now, I don’t know where they are! I’m sure in a little box somewhere tucked away and forgotten!

    My girls have gotten the Sacagawea dollar coins, though someone told me they aren’t making them anymore…guess the tooth fairy will have to go with the new President Dollar coins!

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