Pins and Needles

The past few days have been really hard.

The reason I didn’t post on Monday was because at 830 in the morning I got stuck with a needle at work. I had to go to occupational health to get blood drawn. I was a mess. I couldnt eat or sit still. It didn’t help that Im still so unsure of what is happening with Ian and our future (and well that kills me. IM A PLANNER ! haha)

Ok. back to the needle. Monday they took blood for a baseline. THen I will get it again in four weeks and 6 months. I will get a postcard from them telling me Im done. haha I was able to laugh with the lady downstairs about the postcards haha

In the next four weeks I can’t donate blood, or share anything that would be bloody (toothbrush, toothpick (NO PROBLEM! haha), etc)

When I got home from work, I was a mess. I didnt want to be at home.  I called Ian to vent and the first thing he said was “do you want to come out here and talk”. It was exactly what I needed. We talked about anything and everything. (except the future) He even had me laughing (Laughter IS the best medicine)


Tuesday was alittle better at work. Sundays are a little slower in the NICU (not as many doctors and visitors) So the girls and I just sat around talking girl talk. It was perfect. I forgot (for a mini-second) about the needle stick.

I didn’t post last night because I went STRAIGHT to bed after work. I only got about 3 hrs of sleep on Monday night.

Bottom line:

-I still have no idea what is going on with Ian. We did talk a little bit, but not as much as we need.  I want a title: dating, talking, seeing eachother, exclusive, etc. haha. My friends at work laugh at me for this one. but like I said before, Im a planner and want to know what the F is going on

-The blood work will have to wait for four weeks. In that time, I am told to not worry about it….Riiiggghhhhttttt. Im on pins and needles about everything!

Question for you:

What makes you happy today?


10 thoughts on “Pins and Needles”

  1. Augh! Poor thing! I’m sure it is much easier said than done…however, I’ll say it anyway…don’t dwell on what you can’t change. You can’t change the fact that you got stuck and there isn’t anything you can do about it….while I TOTALLY understand the possible implications, and the need for worry, the only thing that worry will do, is hurt you more. SO….that being said, focus on what you can change and control. Focus on your eating well, your exercise, your son and your renewed relationship with Ian… Find happiness and joy in something everyday and try not to let the worry (over the stick and the future with Ian) get in the way of that!

    1. thanks! Im trying not to worry about it, but than 5 seconds go by and I do haha. Im just trying to still leave life and focus on the house and andrew. also after church today I felt a little better!

  2. Glad you went straight to bed and no “talking” last night 🙂 Hoping you get your title soon..keep us posted!

  3. Hi Krissy!

    Well, I can see that you’d be worried about the needle-stick…But honestly, it won’t help to spend your time worrying–which won’t change anything. Fortunately, the chances of getting AIDS or hepatitis is VERY small, even if the needle was from an infected person (which it probably wasn’t!). That’s what they taught us in our immunization class, anyway… So don’t dwell on it!! I liked your quote. It’s hard to do, but I’m finding out that the more you live in the NOW (not worrying about the future, dwelling on the past, or fantasizing about your “ideal” circumstance)–the happier you will be!! I’ve tried it, and it WORKS!!! I had a potentially bad meeting with my boss this week, and it was driving me crazy with worry. Then I had to lead a Zumba class, and I didn’t want my baggage to detract from the ladies’ workout, so I put it out of my mind for an hour, focused on the music, the moves and the others–and wouldn’t you know it?? By the end of the class, I was happy and no longer anxious!!

    Try to apply the same thing to your relationship with Ian. Of COURSE it’s only natural to want to know where the relationship is going!! BUT–why not just try to ENJOY the fact that you HAVE a relationship and that you’re getting along well?? It’s a BIG improvement over the way it was, right?? You know my advice: Take it slowly, a day at a time, and see what develops as you start spending time together again.. 🙂
    I wish you the best!!!

    1. thanks kirsten. you always have the best advice! I just wish I could follow it each and every day haha.
      I do need to realize I have some really awesome people in my life and there are some good things going on, but I might have to think about what they are..haha

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