Pet peeve

I know everyone has there specific pet peeve that drives them crazy (or maybe they have a few).

 Some include: chewing too loud, people who drive with their windshield wipers on (this is one of mine),

double negatives, guys who leave the toilet seat up….well you get the idea.


I can actually can deal with the windshield wipers, what I can’t stand is when you ask someone a question and they don’t ask in return.


“How was your day”


….(me waiting for them to ask a ?)……no luck

Or when you say hi to someone and they dont say hi back.

Ok I now this sounds stupid. but this happened MANY times today. While at work and at home

Im not saying I havent done many pet peeves of other people, but I at least try to be polite!

SOOOOO the moral of this story. Ask how someone’s day was or say hi to random strangers- it might just make their day! 🙂

You can find 500 pet peeves at this website- you know if your looking for something to do haha

Question for you:

What is one of your pet peeve(s)?

2 thoughts on “Pet peeve”

  1. Oh, the chewing thing, YES! That drives me nuts….beyond nuts….
    Other than that, I would have to say that when people aren’t courteous of others – they have no concept that someone is waiting, so they dilly-dally…stay in the way, whatever….and I have en entire laundry list as it applies to my kids!!! 😉

  2. Ahahaha! I will have to read that page later. Hm, my pet peeve? I am sure I have many… But I can’t think of any! I’ll get back to you on that one…

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