We made it!

After TWO a million days driving, we finally made it to the beach!

This is how my morning started : banana PB oatmeal and a pancake. And LOTS of coffee

Andrew got to swim, while we waiting for my brother and his gf to meet up with us (they left St Louis last night)

Insert trip to the Gap outlet. Yes. another Gap. where im pretty sure I had a mental break down. (but that can wait)

Then it was taco bell time, and hitting the road! But before we could get to the beach we had one stop.

we all went for a ride on the sand dunes. It was fun, andrew loved it and got to sit by the driver

Ok. I lied. We had one more stop (this tends to happen with my family haha)

we pulled over at the lookout for some pictures


Man I look good after two days in a car!


Thats 108 steps, if you wanted to know

Then it was finally time to get into town, unpack the car, get groceries, and get dinner. But andrew and I had to get to the lake ASAP!

thats probably my favorite picture 🙂

After getting the very tired crabby kiddo to bed, I got into this

 and started my new book “on mystic lake”

Appropriate?!?! I think so too- NIGHT!



6 thoughts on “We made it!”

  1. Oh, no! A Gap meltdown!?!? Looks like a beautiful trip…can’t wait to hear about the vacation and all of the fun adventures you take…Have a great time!

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