Michigan Part 1

Still no luck on the camera (I called almost all the stores so far that I went to in Michigan…no luck) Luckily, my mom takes 10X as many pictures as I do.

Last week, Andrew and I went on a family vacation with my mom, dad, brother, his girlfriend, my three cousins, and aunt and uncle. We stayed in an AMAZING house in Frankfort Michigan. We have gone there for many years, but not in the past 5. So I was so excited to get back up there!

The house pictures will have to come tomorrow (they deserve their own post). It is a three story house with 7 bedrooms, 5baths and is right on the beach. AND it use to be owned by Al Capone, the american ganster in the 1920s. THere is actually a hiden room and a section with bars on it. Needless to say, we talked about if there could possibly be ghosts there….but we didn’t hear or see anything.

I thought I would just show a MILLION pictures about what we did, and just give some captions.

Andrew swimming in the Platte River, which was warm and felt much better than the ice cold lake.

Me and andrew at the river, after a three mile hike on the beach. I was tired!

The river flows right into lake michigan. (river is on the bottom of the picture. lake at the top)

Family photo before going out to dinner

took a FEW photos at dinner

Yep. it was cold enough to wear a fleece jacket!

After dinner, we had a bonfire on the beach

And celebrated Melissa’s birthday (brothers gf) with cake!!

There were a few nights were we played games like Catch Phrase

The next day we took a boat ride on crystal lake and went swimming

We also took A LOT of family photos

Also went on a HILLY 26 MILE bike ride WHILE pulling andrew

well im off to bed. Ill have more pictures tomorrow!

Question for you:

In in your family takes the most pictures?

for me that would be a tie between my mom, and two uncles. but we always have a ton of pictures from each family event, which I love!

10 thoughts on “Michigan Part 1”

  1. The house is beautiful! Oh, my! Looks like great weather, too…can’t wait to see more…
    I’m the primary picture taker in our immediate family, though my oldest daughter does enjoy stealing the camera to take pix…sometimes I’m surprised that there are a few pix of me!
    My brother and dad also enjoy taking pix and when we are with them, there may be a tie…we just don’t get to spend much time with them (they are about 3 hours away).

  2. Ooooh I can’t wait to see pictures of the house!!! I am a HUGE fan of old architecture. Just from that one shot, I’m already jealous!

    I am definitely the person who takes the most pictures in my family. They all joke that I’m the unofficial photographer for everything. I always have a camera on me!

  3. hi there! looks a fun family vacation. i love the pic with you and andrew and your parents. very cute! i look forward to seeing more and hope you find your camera.

  4. This is so cool I found this, my mom, aunt and there boss own this cottage and I love it up there no only is there the prison in the basement but behind the metal shelves in the basement by the prison there is a secret room, also down there the cement changes colors that’s because al Capone used to have tunnels under the whole town but they filled it in with the different color cement

    1. Oh yes we know about the prison and the secret room! We even took some pictures (my brother said the captured orbs…haha) That is so cool that you know the owners, we just get to go there once a year for vacation. It is absolutely beautiful!

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