Michigan Part II- THE HOUSE!

This is probably my favorite post about the vacation (see the first one here). The house was AMAZING!

THe bad thing about this post, all the pictures were taken with my camera and loaded to my mom’s computer before I lost it. Im still looking. I have called all over Frankfort, with no luck. Im still praying to Saint Anthony!!!



This is the back of the house

Which looks directly at the Frankfort Light  which was built in 1873

 and known previously as Frankfort North Breakwater lighthouse

The FIRST floor

THe living room

Through the door in the back, you walk into the “boat room”

(this is where we talking about Al Capone and the “ghosts”.

 the secret room is right below this and has an AMAZING view of the beach)

On the other side of the main floor: The kitchen. We only ate breakfast and the occasional lunch here

Then to the dining room, where we did eat our Mexican Fiesta because it was too windy outside.

It also leads straight to the deck!

And off this room, is the only main floor bathroom

Then up to the Second floor!

This was my parents room

Mine and Andrew’s room

Notice the really cool lamps? 😉

This is the bathroom we shared. Although I was the only one to use the bathtub

My aunt and uncle got the master bedroom, that has its own bathroom

(its actually HUGE. cant tell in the picture)

The third floor has four bedrooms and one bathroom

And last. But not least.

The front of the house.

The pictures do not do this amazing house justice. It is huge.

We had 12 people there, and you never felt crowded at all. Plenty of space for everyone (and their legos haha)

(there is also a basement that is 1/2 finished with a laundry room, bathroom, and 2nd frig (which held all the drinks haha))


I really wish I had my camera because I had pictures of  andrew dressed up on our “Mexican Fiesta” night. Hopefully the bookstore will have it when I call tomorrow…thinking positive. I also need to update you all on my “gap anxiety” and a few other things!

But now I have in comfy Pjs, with a glass of wine and going to read my book. Work again tomorrow!

Goodnight everyone!~

Question for you:

When you go out of town do you rent a house? get a condo? a hotel? or just wing it?

What is something going on in your life this week?

5 thoughts on “Michigan Part II- THE HOUSE!”

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Seriously, old houses make me swoon! ::sigh::

    Rob is a big fan of road trips. They kind where you don’t plan ahead. I’m a fan of old buildings. So, we drive around, hit those tourist info centers and I find a nice B&B to stay at. There were some cute ones we hit on our last trip. (Check sugirl.shutterfly.com to see pictures!)

    And this week in my life?? Nothing but moving! Tonight, we move the cats and then we’re done! Woohoooooo!

  2. Very nice! Reminds me of my grandparent’s old house in VA….though theirs wasn’t as large, I love the way old homes “flow” and use EVERY nook and cranny….no wasted space (my home – TON of wasted space – like really, where they thinking at all!?)
    We usually only vacation to the family cabin in PA and the family beach house in NJ….or tent camping….IF we were to travel elsehwhere (and we’ve been talking about it since the kids are getting older and can appreciate National Landmarks now – Williamsburg, or DC area) we’d do a condo thing so we can cook and eat in….

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