nOiSeS of tHe NiGhT

OK I promise I didn’t fall into any hole, or run away or anything like that. (people in the NICU have seen me for the past two days at work)

I just moved!!!!! Yep moving day was last weekend, and I have no internet and cable 😦

BUT it will be hooked up on Tuesday- YEA!

Needless to say andrew and I have been watching A LOT of movies, his favorite (that we have watched THREE times already) is Ice Age. Good movie, after three times I can recite every word, yet he still wants to tell me what is coming next. It does make me laugh 🙂

After Andrew was sick Monday and Tuesday, he went to school Wednesday (when Iwas lucky able to talk to AT&T for an hour), and then I worked Thursday and Friday. BUT IM OFF THE WEEKEND!

You want to hear something funny though? (im sure you do)

I cant sleep at my house. I do eventually fall asleep. But not till 11 or 12 (which makes for an interesting 5:50 wake up call).

The reason: there are too many noises. haha. Yep.

I have always lived with a handful of other people (either in college with three other girls……those were the days haha. Or at home with my parents, son, and two brothers) Needless to say there was always a million people in the house or someone on the phone, or people talking, so I never heard the creaks and noises of the night hahahahaha.

Now I do.

So some suggestions from friends:

-get a dog (UM lets wait till we are settled first. and I have money again haha)

-get a gun (my friend at work actually says she has a big knife by her bed….dont really think that will be kid proofed for my son andrew haha. and I dont like guns. Even though I do know that did learn how to shot one for my 24th bday)

-Alarm system (did you not see the comment about $ haha)

– TV, fan, or music DONE (cheapest and most effective. Although I wont be able to hear anyone if they come up the stairs…….jk haha)

Question for yoU:

What do you do with the “noises of the night”? Or can you not hear them over other people/tv/music/kids?

~update: The next post will be my 150th. Weird. I didn’t realize I could talk that much haha~

5 thoughts on “nOiSeS of tHe NiGhT”

  1. Ughh I have a very similar problem..I can’t sleep at all when I am home alone! Sometimes I put a fan on to drown out the noises or keep my TV on sleeper (though I usually am up when the TV shuts off!) It’s definitely the worst!

  2. I’ve lived by myself in so many different places before I was married. When the kids were younger if my husband was away I’d always turn on the alarm before bed (we would only turn it on when we went away!) We’ve since cancelled that ($!) so now I can’t do that. We do have a dog – he’s 13, rather slow and would most likely lick an intruder…no, probably not…he’s very protective of me…he’d bark and growl, most likely…
    I do go to the family shore house by myself…most of the time I’m ok there, unless I hear a loud party with “younger” people…there is usually a drunken fight over a girl and I worry about violence then…
    Have you tried earplugs? I know you need to be able to hear Andrew, but if he’s a good sleeper and doesn’t wake in the night and wander (I have one of those!) that might help until you feel more comfortable…good luck…lack of sleep totally stinks!

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