August Superlatives

~~~~UPDATE: I have the internet!! I came home last night for work, hoping and praying. I turned it on. Saying “come on!” and it worked. I dont know how, but Im not going to ? it haha

So for the august superlatives, here we go! Considering  I didn’t have internet for much of the month, this should be interesting!

 Worst Day ever:  I lost my camera this month. (still havent found it. Im using my mom’s but she is begging for wants it back)

Best Pumpkin and Banana cOmBo: Bread and Pancakes

Two frustrations: dealing with the noises of the night and AT&T

I need my internet!

 Best Birthday: I helped celebrate a little angel who would have turned one this month

Best world travels: To mexico, ireland, and all over the US


Best Lesson: 8 Things Not to say to men (although most shouldnt be said to most people)

Best Me day: Even though it was a busy one!

Best recap: Michigan trip Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and part 4

Biggest Change: Moving to my very own house

wow. lots of changes in august, and busy too.

Well here’s to an awesome september! It will be busy too:

-Andrew started soccer

– Training for my 1/2 marathon in October

– an F4 reunion (although caro might not make it)

– Cardinals game

– Andrew starts boy scouts

– St Louis Balloon Glow in Forest park

– My friend Nicolette’s babyshower/diaper shower

Question for you:

what are you doing this month?

(sorry I tried to put in links to the old sites, it wouldnt let me….whats the dealio?)

6 thoughts on “August Superlatives”

      1. Training is not going. LoL. I have been running on average 1 day per week. Ack! But my 8 miles wasn’t so terrible last week. 10 miles tomorrow. Even if I have to walk half of it, I’m going to finish the half next week!!

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