Candy overload

Wow. I was TIRED after last night. I met everyone for dinner around 5:30. And then pretty much drank and hung out with the gang and was home at 1130.

But I think the drinking and running yesterday (and the fact that Im an old lady) made me exhausted. I even took a nap today haha

The morning started with breakfast of a plain o’ omlet and the parade!

(this is for NON st louisians)

In st louis, there are many catholic grade schools. And many of them have homecomings at the begining of the year, with rides,drinks, games, and it all starts with a parade. And LOTS and LOTS of candy. Andrew got a WHOLE bag full

THen it was time for lunch and a nap

He also had his first soccer game! (unfortuantly my mom stole took her camera back to take pics at the homecoming. (she is one of the official photographers. Now you see where I get my taking a million pic skills from)

Then it was time for the cardinals game!

Andrew with my dad

Tomorrow I have NOTHING written on the calendar…what to do…what to do….

Question for you:

Does your old gradeschool have homecomings?

what are you doing this weekend?

7 thoughts on “Candy overload”

  1. Haha no homecomings here. Interesting! This weekend was a lot of choirs, errands, cleaning, and homework (which I am avoiding at the moment by reading your blog, lol). I hope you enjoyed yours!

    PS. Found the extra camera, can’t find cord… Hm…

    1. sounds like a VERY exciting weekend. But it looks like you got a lot done!

      oh man on the camera. I think I might just have to bite the bullet and buy something. But buying a new house, doesnt leave much left. Ill have to see what I can do

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