Yay or Nay

The debate is open to the public.

 I am (once again) pondering restarting match.com.

And Im scared.

Last year around this time, I signed up and went on a few dates.

Some were complete duds.

One guy (a cop. I know. I know. I went on a date with him, not knowing he was a cop) Well he told me he actually looked up my background before our date. UMMMMMMMM I gotta go. haha

I than started dating Ben in Septemeber.

He was a great guy. We had similar interest. He loved and was good with kids.

But then in December, he just started acting……like he was 21 again.

And Im just not that kindof chick.

So being the nice guy that he is…………….he dumped me.

By text message.

On new years ever.

Yep. No joke.

This was also the same guy that bought me a camera for xmas.

Doesnt add up right?


After that. and the almost never gonna happen get together with the ex.

Im alittle apprehensive

SOOOOO I think we should leave it to you guys, and to a poll. haha


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8 thoughts on “Yay or Nay”

  1. Sorry, I haven’t been keeping up with your blogs..
    So it didn’t work out with Ian??…. I’m sorry. I was hoping for some good news on that relationship…
    Yes, don’t become a nun yet!!! Hahaha!! You are still young, beautiful and very non-nun-ish!!
    But proceed with caution.. Why not get to know a few guys? It’s fun and harmless, as long as you take it slowly… Well, I wouldn’t know–since they didn’t have online dating back in “my day”–LOL!!
    Good luck!!

    1. Ive missed you! I hope all is well! Yes things didnt work out with Ian. I hoped they would have as well. But Im actually in a really good place in my life. I just feel ready to start dating again. So we will see!

  2. I was tempted to say “become a nun”… but was afraid that you’d actually listen to that advice… lol! Get out there and have some fun. Worse case scenario, you meet a dud and you move on 🙂

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