I have a date with my bed

Yesterday I started feeling sick. I was able to take Dayquil and I would feel better for a few hours. But I have this head cold thing. So this morning when I woke up. I knew it was going to be a rough day. And I have a MILLION things to do!!!!!!!!!!

My friends are coming tomorrow, so I first started the day taking this guy to school

then running to the grocery store and target

I got this for A BUCK!

A big bowl for halloween candy!

and a few more halloween things. I LOVE halloween

For this weekend, I want to make cookies. So I had to get cookie sheets (can you believe I have lived here almost FOUR weeks and I havent made cookies yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!    thats crazy talk)

I am not a bad cook, but I also didnt have a fire extingusher for the kitchen. (I think every house should have one)

And all these things came with it. Now, am I really going to read the directions when my house is on fire?

I also got some flowers to make my house alittle nicer when the girls get here tomorrow!

I also found TWO steals at target!!!!!

I got this necklace for 7 dollars

And I got this for $3.24!!!!!!

I think I might wear this this weekend since its in the 50s

I will now be chugging this

And hanging in bed. (after I write this post, Im taking a nap)

I really should be cleaning. The girls will be here tomorrow!

Like tackling the top of the frig, where I put things that don’t have a “home” yet

well, im off to bed! I hope I can sleep this thing away!!!

Question for you:

What is your favorite holiday?

Do you look for steals? (and get so excited like me 😉 haha)

7 thoughts on “I have a date with my bed”

  1. Sorry you are sickies! I hope you feel better for your friends this weekend! And look! Sprinkles!!!!

    I love all holidays really. Anything to give me a reason to decorate. LoL!

    And I don’t think I’ve ever paid full price for anything. Take my boots I have on today: They were full price but I always buy from the same girl at Macy’s and she gave me a 20% off coupon to use on them. Ha!

  2. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving – it’s all about good food, family, friends, sharing and being thankful for what we have….sorry, I have to say that halloween is my least favorite…I blame it on the big kids in my neighborhood when I was little that scared the cr*p out of me and hit me with eggs! Bad memories….my kids love it, though and I do decorate. I usually give out pretzels, though…but this year since we don’t eat those anymore, I’ll have to come up with something else!
    Feel better and enjoy your company…hope your sleep helped!

    1. Oh, I forgot! I LOVE a steal! I was at Kohl’s today – had my Kohl’s cash AND a 30% off coupon, and shopped the sale racks – got my kids a few pairs of shorts for $1.60 each!!! Woo Hoo!!!

      1. WOW!!!! thats an awesome deal!!! ANd I would be scared too if the big kids did that to me. Jerks. Oh well. What are your kids going to be for halloween? Andrew wants to be darth vader haha

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