Oh my hip

Saturday morning started out nice and easy with the lil guy. My son and I watched Beauty and the beast after breakfast. We then got a call from my sister in law and nephew. They were going to a parade and we decided to join them!

It sounded like a great idea. We got there around 10. And the boys were playing, while we were chatting of course. And then Andrew fell.

THey were climbing on this little area (that I guess is used as a workout place to do sit ups and pull ups). He ended up slipping off on of the metal poles, and landed right on his right thigh.

I saw it. It didn’t look good.

He wouldn’t put ANY weight on it. And wanted to go home instead of the parade. UM. what? Andrew’s never one to miss a parade. so I knew something was wrong. He was in a lot of pain and crying.

So for the next two hours, andrew and I spent some time together at the urgent care. They took two xrays. And saw nothing wrong

We then went to my parents house (where I had to carry him in, since he still wouldn’t walk on it)

He is staying with them, because while we were in the urgent care, my friend’s Sarah and Jessica where coming in from California and Tennesse. After making sure he was comfortable, I headed home to meet the girls.

They are finally here!!!!!!

We were all STARVING. We headed to Favazza’s for lunch. Which is a delicious italian restaurant on The Hill.

No pictures were taken, because eating was HIGH on the priority list haha

We shared toasted ravs, and I got a chicken caesar salad.

Then it was back to the house to let our bellies rest. We were stuffed!

but only for a few hours, before heading to get ted drews ice cream! A St Louis favorite.

This was pretty much dinner.

We then watched a little tv.

PS the movie Switched, is NOT good. we had to turn it off

After getting pretty, we headed to Fast Eddies in Illinois.

We had a few drinks (and french fries)

Me and Sarah

Me and Jessica

There was a band, so we did some dancing and singing. with LOTS of people watching haha

Then home, PJs and bed. I swear we can do some major talking. And even more laughing.

But we still missed our friend Carolyn, who couldn’t make it.


 this morning we woke up, and decided target and starbucks was in order

I bought some halloween stuff, and got a pumpkin spice latte that the blogging world has been raving about.

It. Was. Awesome.

I drank it in about 10 minutes haha

Then the girls had to leave 😦

The GOOD news is, is that Andrew is FINALLY putting weight on his right leg. So hopefully we won’t have to visit the ER today!

Question for you:

What do you and your girlfriends do for fun?

Do you see your girlfriends often?

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