Me day, turned movie day

Today was going to be perfect. I was going to take andrew to school, take a nap, run errands, go for a run while andrew was at soccer practice, and then watch Biggest Loser.

Well. Only two things happened. Andrew and I made pancakes and he was off to school. I slept till 10- IT WAS AWESOME!!!!

Breakfast was good o’ yogurt, strawberries, and granola. Delicious.

I then headed on the road to get some stuff done! And while on the highway, I get a call….I don’t know that number. (and usually I won’t answer) but I just felt like I should. And it was Andrew’s school. The nurse told me that his stomach was hurting and he had a headache. I figured it was from the cold that both of us had.

It is 12;15, and he is perfectly fine. 😦

 I think you just got played school nurse.

Anyway, so lunch time

Randomness of sweet potato fries, corn, and pita chips with hummus.

Of course I needed something sweet, so while Andrew and I watched Ice Age, I had some pudding with pecans

I then had to do something! I had to get SOMETHING done. And that included making dinner.

I started with potato fries and french fries

Basically, I got a huge bag of potatos from Sam’s and need to use them up! haha

Then it was Baked Macaroni time! (recipe to come tomorrow)

And of course cookies!

Dinner was quite yellow , but yummy……

Good thing the cookies have colored sprinkles 😉

Of course they had sprinkles!!!!!

So I didn’t get anything done outside of the house, but all the laundry is done and the kitchen is clean. And of course I have to work tomorrow, so the run will have to wait till thursday. 😦


BUUUTTTTTTTT I have some good news! Heinz Ketchup is getting an upgrade! They have a new dip and squeeze packet!

Thank goodness- because you guys all know how much I love ketchup.

So now whenever I am driving, and I want to eat my sweet potato fries, Im in luck! 😉

Question for you:

Do you watch Biggiest Loser?

What is your favorite show that just started a new season?

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