new goal and recipe!

The day started at 8:45.

Thats right. I got to sleep in!!!! WAHOO!!!

Andrew was at my parent’s, spending the night there with my nephew.

After a quick breakfast of yogurt, granola, and strawberries it was time to run.


yep. I hit the pavement all my own. Just me and the IPOD. NO garmin.

I didn’t want to always be looking to see how far I ran, or my speed.

I ended up finishing 3 miles and it felt pretty good.

It was shower time and time to get pretty. My goal, when I am not working, is to not wear sweats. I have to wear actual people clothes,  and wear my hair down too. (at least for most of the day haha)

So far so good.

Maybe I will start putting some fashion pictures up! haha

Then Andrew and I had some lunch and some “hang out” time, before his soccer game.

I had leftover pizza (thanks mom!) watermelon, and leftover potatoes (with LOTS of ketchup)

I had a really NASTY banana. So whats a girl to do….make banana bread!

Recipe tomorrow!

I also found some new decorations from my living room table at walmart.


With one set that I got at home goods

Didn’t like it. So I added some from walmart.

Im not sure what I think. I think it needs a candle, and less of these.

what do you think?

Then dinner was breakfast. Andrew had pancakes, and I had an omlet

and banana bread for dessert.

Then it was time to get down to business. I had a HUGE to do list to accomplish. And so I set up in the dining room.

dont mind the beer. that was motivation. haha

Question for you:

Where do you get your decoration ideas from? (do you like what I put on the table- or try something else?)

(ps. did you notice the new blog look- do you like? or like the old?)

3 thoughts on “new goal and recipe!”

  1. I just love how beautiful your house is! I do think the coffee table needs a pillar candle or something though. I like looking through magazines but I usually get my ideas from interesting things I find at the store and decorate around that!

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