A million directions

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling the blog.

I worked all day and then I felt that I was getting pulled in a million directions. I had a text asking if I could help out family, I had many phone calls about my parents dog and cat (that I am taking care of), and I have to train for this darn half marathon!

My parents are out of town this week, so I am the lucky on that gets to take care of their cat and dog. So the dog doesnt have to stay in his cage all day, I have to be at my parents A LOT. which means my house is completely ignored. (which stresses me out) I have a million things to do there.

So last night, I took the night off. I got a great nights sleep and got up at 830 and went on a 7.5 mile run!

before the run I had a PB and banana bread

The run wasn’t pretty. But I did it.

I then enjoyed a protein blueberry smoothie

Now Im watching Ghost Adventures (checking out my future husband haha)

Andrew is going to his dad’s for the afternoon, so I think Im going to take a nap. Then hit up Michaels and Hobby Lobby. I also need to update you on match.com, but that will have to wait. Later!

Question for you:

If you had the whole afternoon to yourself, what would you do?

– I would take a bike ride, take a nap, and have a $1000 to spend at target haha, then have a pinic with andrew. Ending with ted drews!

6 thoughts on “A million directions”

  1. That depends – are the kids coming home for dinner? If so then I’d run some errands kid free and watch a show or two from the DVR. If the kids are gone for the night, I’d make plans to meet up some friends for happy hour and then have a nice dinner with the husband.

    Good work on the run, especially since you weren’t feeling it. That takes strength.

  2. Hm.. Oh my days off I:
    Make myself coffee (love having coffee out of my own mugs at home)
    Go for a short fast run
    Clean the apartment

    Basically, putz around the house!

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