These are a few things I found, saw on other blogs, or  on twitter. All random! Enjoy!

God’s Hands


Like this song (and her hair haha)


I want this camera, thanks to Ang’s help!


I want to see this movie!


I need to make kale chips ASAP!



 Im officially on Twitter! 🙂

Please be my friend. just click over here on the Right——>


My son was sleep walking last night, and peed NEXT to the toilet. haha


Question for you:

Anything random going on in your life? or that you have found recently?

1 thought on “Randoms”

  1. Hahaha!!! I had to laugh about your son’s sleep walking incident!! My oldest was a big sleep walker/talker..We were on vacation and one night my husband caught Greg (about age 9) walking out the door with a plastic grocery bag in hand. He asked Greg what he was doing, and Greg said “I need to buy Cocoa Puffs!”… (we had just bought a box as a rare treat)..He also will carry on a fairly coherent conversation with you in his sleep–answering questions (with really goofy answers).
    Loved the photo of “God’s Hands”!! Cool!!!

    I like randomness…

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