Runnin’ fool

Today was a rest day. After yesterdays 7.5 mile hilly run (where I almost died! haha), I decided today I would do intervals on the treadmill and complete the P90x core workout.

(remember when I said I was going to start P90x…in february. and again in march…haha)

Well…. last night I MAY have stayed up late watching the Cardinals win. So today I took a two hour nap, and my legs just weren’t feeling intervals. They were really tight. I thought “No big deal. Ill just do the P90x”. (ohhhh silly me) This video was hard! My legs hurt. Now how do my legs hurt when doing the core DVD?!!?!?!

Well this guy is crazy

haha jk. He kicks butt!

After stretching forever , I went to try and get a fuel belt

This is the one I want. I found one at sports authority for 20 bucks. Worth it?

I also, ordered my road ID! I ordered mine here: I got pink of course 😉

cant wait till it gets here!

(I got my road ID here! It was great and only cost me $15 because I had a groupon code to use. NICE!)

The saying I put on there: winners never lose.

Here are some fun ones I also found:

  • Run hard or walk home
  • you better read fast becouse i’m leaving you behind (this wouldn’t fit)
  • It hurts a lot less when you win
  • Everyone gets knocked down. Champions get back up
  • Running is a mental sport and we’re all insane.
  • In a world of give and take, give what it takes.
  • The faster you run, the quicker you get done.

Question for you:

Do you run (or workout) with a road ID or fuel belt?

What is your favorite running/workout motto?

9 thoughts on “Runnin’ fool”

  1. No no no! Do NOT get that fuel belt!!! I had that one and it bounced everywhere and was HORRIBLE. It is only good for walking/hiking, and definitely NOT for running. Get one with the smaller 10 ounce bottles and a big giant pocket for the camera you are going to buy 🙂 And buy one that is velcro and not adjustable. The adjustable ones slowly get bigger as you run. Actually, just get the one I have. Mine has 4 bottles but here is the 2 bottle version if you wanted something smaller:
    And it comes in pink. Ok, now that that is settled. Have a good day!!!

    PS. I forgot about the motto! Either
    “No matter how fast you’re running, you’re still lapping everyone on the couch”
    “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

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