Halloween girls night

Last night I had a few girls from work over to see the house and catch up. I love being with these girls. We laugh A LOT.

Before the girls came I got some treats together!

Pumpkin cheese ball!

Andrew and I were able to take these ingredients and make dessert!

First, we melted the white chocolate

You just have to stir. And its ready for dipping!

We then layed them on aluminum foil and of course we needed some halloween sprinkles!

Now they are ready to eat! YUM!

Then I just waited for the ladies to arrive! (and try not to eat everything!)

I also had to clean the whole house. My room doesn’t look too shabby

Question for you:

What appetizers or desserts do you like to make for parties/get togethers?

-Im famous for bringing veggies. So the pumpkin veggie tray was perfect!

(recipes to come tomorrow!)


I have several things to update you on! another date. my halloween costume. and some yummy treats for a girls night!

its almost midnight, and last night I only got about 4 hours sleep (more on that tomorrow). So I need to hit the hay.

Today was a day to celebrate the Cardinals! I dont know if you heard, but the Cardinals won the World Series. So my mom, Andrew, my nephew, and I headed downtown for the parade!

It was  a sea of RED



 Of course some of the smaller people couldnt see, so I had to lift a 50lb kid on my shoulders 😦

 Don’t we look comfortable haha

 We had a pretty good time. Love the Cards

 My nephew is also in this stage where he repeats everything. We got him to say OH.MY.GOSH. and I be jammin’. It was pretty funny.

Question for you:

What did you do this weekend?


halloween cake!

hello blogging friends!!! Im sorry I have been MIA this week. I hate that I haven’t been blogging, but I have been working or there is NOTHING interesting that you want to hear about.


Last night after work, I met with David at the Majestic Restaurant and Bar for some food and beer. And of course to watch the cardinals!

I changed and put on makeup at work 🙂

picture taken at home

(Who, at this exact moment, are in the 7th game and WINNING! YEA!)

We were both exhausted and ending up leaving around 10. yes we are old. And I almost feel asleep in a restaurant. Of course I went home and got my pjs on, and we texted the rest of the game. haha

Funny fact: David Freese was up to bat in the bottom of the 11th inning. I sent a message “I bet he hits a home run.  I can feel it” Message sent. And then HE HIT A HOME RUN TO WIN THE GAME!!!! I must be psychic haha

Today I woke up and ran A MILLION errands:

  • Grocery store.
  • Target
  • Took my grandma to two grocery stores
  • Hardware store
  • Old Navy (found a new brown dress that will work better for halloween)

My grandma is helping me with the costume, and it looks pretty good. Im going out with David tomorrow night, so I hope to have pictures than. (and then maybe he can make his first appearance on here…but we’ll see)

I also picked this up at the grocery store for 10 bucks! I think it might work in my room!

I also got these ingredients….can you guess what im going to make? haha

even though I was busy today, I still made time to make a halloween cake.  sprinkles on the inside and on top!

I only had one piece!! I sent a few pieces to my grandparents (a thank you for helping me with my costume!) and I didn’t go back for seconds. I was actually really proud of myself. Bad news is I didn’t get to the gym today, or out for a run. 😦

Question for you:

Do you ever beat yourself up or feel bad if you don’t make it to the gyM?

What are you going to be for halloween?

date and sweets (help!)

The past two days I haven’t blogged. Monday I was resting after the half, and then tuesday and wednesday Ive been at work. But I thought I would give some updates!


I forgot to tell you about date # 2. You all know date #1 with David went really well. So on Saturday, I was extremely bored.

I hardly EVER get bored. Mostly because I am either with Andrew or running around with errands or working out. Well on Saturday, I couldn’t work out (I had the half on sunday) and Andrew was with his dad 😦

well, anyway. David asked if I wanted to go to dinner and then to watch the cardinals game. And of course I said yes 🙂


Dinner was at Joey B’s. (my families favorite!) We sat outside and it was really nice out.

Good conversation + delicious food + cool weather= awesome date

We then walked to a small hole in the wall bar down the street. He had a beer. I stuck with water. (yep Im cool like that. I had a half to run in the morning! haha I know everyone in the bar was like…really?!?!LoSeR)

We have been texting pretty much everyday for the past week. I think things are going really well. but we will see. We already have some inside jokes. (I love a guy with a sense of humor!)

Date #3 might be this weekend. He invited me to his friend’s halloween party on Saturday.

He is going to be robin hood. My costume is still a surprise (hint: I bought a brown dress!)

Hopefully it will turn out- fingers crossed!


another thing going on in my life.

Is this pile of stuff on my dining room table that I need to go through and don’t have enough time to sit and look through

 Another depressing sight in my house, are my flowers from trader joes

 😦 I need more flowers!


Last update is the stupid weight lose issue

I have been trying to lose the 30lbs I gained last year at this time, and so far no luck.

The weight has put a real damper on how I feel when I look in the mirror or try clothes on for dates and going out.

My downfall. SWEETS.

I can eat every sugary thing on the planet.

I eat when Im bored, sad, mad, tired, you name it.

And I want to change. I want to lose the weight. I want to be healthy. I don’t want to be an overweight mom. Im also 26, and I should be fit and hip! haha

So I was wondering what tips you guys have. What has worked for you? How do I get back on the weight lose wagon???

Rockin’ and Rollin’ in St Louis

Sunday was the BIG running day!!!

My older brother and I have been running together for about a year and a 1/2 now.p>

  (GO! st louis half marathon 2010)

 This past weekend we ran the VERY FIRST Rock n Roll Marathon in St louis

my cousin, brother, and me before the race!

 My cousin and I ran the half (she killed it!) and my brother ran his VERY FIRST full!


The morning started at 5am w/ a big bowel of oatmeal, water, and coffee.

My cousin and brother met at my house around 6. And we were off!

After two visits to the bathroom, it was time to line up in Group 9!

At 7:47 the race started, but we didn’t get to the start line till 7: 56!!!!!

I know I was more excited for brother who has attempted TWO TIMES before this to complete the full. And now the time had come for him to do it!!

My brother and I stayed together for the first 8 miles, until the full marathon split the other direction. We saw my parents at mile 5

You can see my brother(in gray) and me (navy and red) in the middle, Im not hiding I promise haha

I was actually running over to give them both a hug. I love spectators!

Those first 8 miles were odd. My brother and I were both feeling ok one minute, then sick the next. Then fine. Then our legs cramped up. It just was all over the place WEIRD 

I then turned left and he went right for the full. I was SO proud of him. So excited that he was finally going to be able to accomplish this dream. He has worked really hard.

My parents, sister in law, uncle, and my brothers friend were stationed throughout the full marathon course. So they were able to make sure he was doing ok and to give support


During this time. I was running the final 5.1 miles by myself. I turned my music on and tried to get into a groove. But found myself having off times, and then switched to the runners high. I walked a bit. But I didn’t really push it.

Then at mile 10 I thought. Kristen. This is YOUR run. You are done being the supportive runner (I was actually texting while running. letting my parents and sister in law know where we were, so they could be there for Brian. yep I can run and text haha)

I didn’t do great, but it was faster than GO! st louis half in April. So Ill take it. My time was 2:34. My fastest is 2:04 when Im not pacing a marathoner haha

Afterwards, I got some food and LOTS to drink. And we waited…..

(while showing my dad my cool new medal haha)

 And then he FINALLY came over the hill!

 He was EXTREMELY tired, sore, and worn out. He even said there were times when he didn’t think he could finish.


It was awesome!

We of course had to take group pictures, because…thats what my family does haha

My brother and sister in law

 Me and my brother

 I was laughing because he was leaning on me for support haha

Yep. you can run a half and full marathon, but then you have to stand and look pretty for about 10 minutes haha

 It really was a great day. I was so proud of my brother. And this was my first rock n roll marathon. I wasn’t that impressed because the bands weren’t as frequent as I thought. But the route was SO much better than GO! St louis in april.

Question for you:

Have you ever raced in a rock n roll marathon?


Rock n Roll and date night

Friday was a busy day, so I couldn’t wait to blogged, but I wanted to give it justice!

It started out like every other day. Breakfast while listening to music(by andrew’s request)

And then Andrew went to school

I then went on a run. I didn’t have any distance to run, just to get out there and clear my head. I could have kept going, but knew with the half coming up on Sunday that would not be a good idea. At home, I mapped my run- it was 5 miles! sweet!

i showered SO fast and got out of my house. Andrew is getting picked up at school by his dad to attend a wedding ( I talked a little about it here) and I needed to get out of the house.

I needed some jeans (you will see while in a minute). I went to Macy’s first.











These went in the NO pile. Next was Kohls and it wasn’t looking promising



















But I did! YEA! I also saw this sign and it made me feel better



















A quick snack











Then it was time to hit up the race EXPO!



















The half marathon is sunday and my brother is running the full! I think Im more excited for him!











We got a shirt and some swag






























So you might be wondering what the new jeans are for, welll. I had a date. Yes I know I had a few bumps this week. But I have actually been talking with guy and so today was date night!



















sorry for the really bad picture, I was in a hurry. (and dont worry I did my hair and makeup before I left haha)

we went to the Blues hockey game. I wasn’t too nervous until I hit A TON of traffic and was THIRTY MINUTES LATE! (I hate being late)

But he was a real gentleman, and actually it just became our joke of the night.

The game went well. WE WON! But you could tell we were both a little nervous.

After the game we walked to a little bar/restaurant down the street. Which wasn’t as busy as I thought, being a Friday night and all.

We enjoyed two appetizers and a beer a piece. It was really nice. He was sarcastic, but not a jerk about it (don’t worry I could hand it back too haha) We talked about work, Andrew, school, and just everyday stuff. I didn’t feel akward at all.

I know you are all wanting some details on this fellow.

His name is David. He is a 26 year old accountant who lives close by, but is from a small town in Illinois. We both went to the same college, but he graduated a year behind me. He is 5’8 and pretty good looking. He has very similar values and are personalities are quite the same

Is there anything Im leaving out?

Well, the night went really well, he walked me to my car and gave me a little kiss. He also texted me later, making sure I made it home ok.

Im sure there will be another date soon 😉

Question for you:

What is your next race?

Who is your favorite professional team to cheer for?

Any ?S about my date?


three days!

Breakfast with the little guy was oatmeal again. Its in the 40s here!!!

My oatmeal: oats, PB, banana, cinnamon, and a scoop of pumpkin.

I tweeted this morning about whether or not I should go back to bed or go to yoga….

krissyswim16:go to yoga? or go back to bed?

Well I told myself, YOU’RE GOING!
And it was totally worth it. I even tried a new pose (we used the wall though, which helped A LOT!)

I wasn’t too impressed with it

On the way home, I got a 300 calorie pumpkin spice latte. Im not sure if it was worth it, but MAN it was good!

Then lunch. Good o’ pasta, broccoli, peppers, chicken, and parmesan cheese

And dessert was a chocolate pudding with some cinnamon pita chips. It was DELCIOUS.

 time to get Andrew from school, do homework, and then I cleaned up the Lego mess……and I found that the red spray paint SPREAD PAST the drop cloth I put down. AWESOME. So for an hour I was scrubbing that off the laminate floors. (it still looks pink. darn it)

Dinner was thanks to trader joes pizza dough. Love that stuff and my picky eater does too!

I had a side of acorn squash and he had carrots

I added corn to my pizza- DELICIOUS!

 we got Ted Drews ice cream. (my weakness) and watched the cardinals game at my parents house, with my parents, nephew, and andrew

I defiantly ate way to much ice cream. Deep breath- moving on.


Question for you:

Have you started eating/drinking warmer things now that its cold outside?

(I guess I shouldn’t talk. I ate a whole galloon of ice cream after dinner and it was 48 degrees outside haha. But the oatmeal and coffee this morning was awesome!)

Acorn Squash Recipe

I appreciate everyone’s comments yesterday. It was really a rough day. 

have been getting really emotional lately (I think its this crummy weather!)

but i will try not to be a negative nancy! I know i have MANY things to be thankful for,

its just one of those weeks .

Anyway, I promised a recipe! and it is by FAR the easiest recipe

Pecan Acorn Squash

2 servings


-Acorn Squash

-2 tbsp Butter

– 2 tbsp Brown sugar

– 1/4 c pecans

-optional: agave nectar (or honey)


– Preheat oven to 350 degrees

– Cut acorn squash in half

– Place cut side down in dish and fill with 1/2 inch-1 inch of water

– Cook for 45 minutes

– Add butter, brown sugar, pecans, and agave nectar


End on a positive note, w/ a joke

Today started out with a GREAT day off work. Instead of going back to bed, after taking Andrew to school, I headed straight to the gym (best decision of the day!)

But first we made apple cinnamon oatmeal because it was in the 40s here! Even Andrew wanted this (instead of his usually cereal..blah)

I also had a pumpkinspice coffee. The first was good, but the next tasted really watery, not sure why

i did 2 miles of intervals and then 2 miles of inclines. Nice and sweaty

Home for a shower and off to run some errands! It was time to get things checked off the TO DO LIST and find a brown dress for my halloween costume!

Target for groceries and odds and ends. I picked out a wedding card.


This weekend, my son will be going to a wedding for his uncle on his dad’s side. I have been very emotional, crying at songs and for no reasons what so ever. This may seem weird. You might think- Kristen. You guys aren’t together. Why would you so emotonal.

Well. These people were at one time going to be my family. I gave them my heart. And when you break up with someone, you also lose their family. So when events like this come up, my heart still says- You should be there, but you’re not.

Its very hard for me, and probably will be for some time to come (yes we have been separated for 2 years, but tried again this summer)

ANYWHO. today I also found out that Ian (my son’s dad) will be taking a girl with him to the wedding. But hey. I only cried about three times today- thats progress haha

so picking out a wedding card was hard. I think I stood there for 5 minutes before I even looked

 I eventually got one, hit up Marshalls, Goodwill, Kohls, Bed Bath and Beyond, and finally Walmart. Where I found my halloween dress for 9 BUCKS!

I also found a fuel belt for 7 bucks at Marshalls!!!!!!!!

 I was so excited! And then I munched on the whole bag of this!

Of course dinner was the highlight of the day with acorn squash. recipe to come tomorrow!

 So. I didn’t eat AS MUCH as I could have, but I did ok. But for dinner I wanted a glass of wine (just one of the days)

Well….I don’t have a bottle opener. BUMMER!


But dont worry, I found another bottle

 And then I spilled my glass……

Insert  deep breath, and a refill (of more wine haha)

And dessert while watching Ghost Adventures


To brighten my day, I watched Ellen

Joke of the day from Ellen:

Why couldn’t the pony sing?

Because he was a little horse!

haha I had to laugh- LOVE ellen!


What isyour favorite joke?

New Love

Today, was such an amazing day. And I have a new love!

It started off with an egg, banana, and PB sandwich

Then my second cup of pumpkin coffee for a chilly 9am soccer game.

andrew in the yellow socks in the middle
 They didn’t end up winning, but had fun while I was freezing my booty off

After the game, we visited my grandma. and then it was time to highlight my hair haha


 It has a lot of blonde….. of course you can’t tell by the tired/pale picture

After this, Andrew and I headed to Soulard’s farmers market. I was in heaven and I am officially in love with this place.

They have every fruit and vegetable you can think of. Jewelry, venders selling food and drinks, beer, flowers and even rugs!

We found some goodies

 Luckily Unfortuantly,  we didn’t need many veggies and fruits. But we did get a lb of grapes and two oranges. (I asked Andrew what he wanted, and he said “An orange please.” What a cutie!)

We also got the two yellow mums. they were only 5 bucks a piece!

 Put them into pots, and found the perfect place for them.

 Then time to cut andrew’s hair


 Im actually get used to using the trimmer.

For dinner, my mom, Andrew, and I headed to the Boat House in Forest Park for dinner. I started off with a raspberry beer. Of course, I stuff myself with a cajun chicken sandwich and fries.


And thennnnn we got ice cream from DQ. I had to get the pumpkin pie that I have been dying for!

ice cream w/ leftovers

 When I ordered the Medium, I had NO idea it would be this HUGE. Don’t worry. I didn’t eat it all, I put 2/3rds of it back in the freezer. More for tomorrow!

It was really a nice day. Even though it seems like we did a lot, I never felt that we were just running place to place and not enjoying the day. I absolutely hate running around with Andrew, I feel like I don’t give him attention if all we do is run errands.

Question for you:

Do you love farmers markets?

Do you feel guilty when you eat a ton and don’t work out? How do you not beat yourself up?