September Superlatives

Another month comes and go!

Can you believe it’s October already?!?!

Me neither! But I’m glad because it’s almost halloween. I love getting dressed up and going trick or treating. Also fall weather is awesome for running! Now I just need to get some decorations for the house 🙂

This month we had A LOT going on (but who doesn’t)

 Here is a place to catch up!

Best “animal” post: The day the tick got me!

Best blast from the past: MASH 

Best survey: My Favorites

Best Day with Andrew: Parade and Cardinals game!

Bad Day for Andrew: Accident

Best Recipe: Banana Chocolate Chip Bread (seriously try this ASAP!)

Runner up: Mexican Salad

Best Reunion: F4!!!! at fast eddies!

Best Lighting: Balloon Glow in Forest Park

Most Stress:“I know you can be overwhelmed and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?” (quote from 10 things I hate about you)

Of course, some new things happened:

(here are some previous superlatives: July, August)

Question for you:

What are you proud of/excited/pissed about that happened in September?

Do you like halloween? what are you going to dress up as?

My son is going to be a lego..A red lego in fact.I have to make that costume. better get on that haha

3 thoughts on “September Superlatives”

  1. I am mad I missed talk like a pirate day! I need to put in on my calendar (September 19th if you were wondering). My favorite holiday!

    And Halloween used to be fun but now it annoys me. It gets in the way of my honeymoon each year (we take a vacation for our anniversary and call it our “honeymoon” ever year, lol). We got married October 24th so everything is Halloween themed or haunted. BAH! And I pout because I want to dress up but I have no where to go!

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