Mystery Date

About three weeks ago, I set up a poll. This was for my LOVELY and SMART friends to help me to decide whether or not I should sign up for

(A year ago, I was on match and met Ben who I dated. We broke up in December (new years eve to be exact) and after that I quit match. Almost got back together with the ex.  that didn’t work out and then realized I deserved the best 🙂

I know that everyone deserves to be happy and I felt ready to open my heart to someone.

Unfortuantly, I don’t see a lot of single, goodlooking, successful, and nice guys on a regular basis and here is why:

#1 I work in a hospital with 200 nurses. 5 are males (either gay or married)

#2 My weeknights consist of boy scouts, soccer practice, and my son’s homework. (Im a BLAST I know! haha)

#3 I’m not big on the bar scene and if I go, it’s to try to chat w/ my friends

#4 Im shy. I know. I know. It really doesn’t seem like it, but I really get tongue tied around guys

 (what do I talk about? working w/ a bunch of women, soccer practice, or the fact that Im the only one not drunk at the bar?)

Anyway. I made the decision (actually you guys did) and I signed up. AND NOW  I have my very first date. 🙂

I am SO incredibly nervous and my date isn’t till this friday.

Ok so lets get to the stuff the girls want to know.

He is 32 (so a few years older than me). He is a teacher (I know! NOT a police officer…crazy). He has a younger sister who has a son (who happens to be his god son. who he watched last night So obviously he likes kids YEA!) He is from St. Louis and his family lives here too. He is a pretty good looking guy, and works out. He is only a little bit taller than me though, so that will be new. ALso, he is a cardinals fan (a MUST!)

Well I think that gives a good summary about him. Ill let you guys know how the date goes!

Now the question is:
What do I wear?

And what should I talk about?

10 thoughts on “Mystery Date”

  1. Sounds good so far! I’m sure that you’ll both find something to talk about – you can always start with what you each do for work, his nephew, Andrew…baseball….I’m sure the topics will just flow…he’s a teacher after all! He’s used to talking!!! Maybe by Friday, you can commiserate on how the Phillies are beating the Cardinals! – wishful thinking on my part… 😉
    You can always have Andrew pick out an outfit for you…he has good taste and he likes your purple dress!

  2. I find it quite convenient that Rob is only an inch taller than me. I don’t have to work very hard to get kisses. LoL! So don’t knock the shorties 😉

    I can’t tell you what to wear because I don’t know where you are going! But I’m a big fan of cute boots with jeans tucked in (or a skirt since you like dresses so much!) and a cute little top or a jacket with the dress. I LOVE FALL CLOTHES! Oh… anyway! Have fun! Haha!

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