A visit from the police

A month ago, my neighborhood had a visit from the police. I wasn’t sleeping well at all, so at 11pm I was wide awake. I then  see lights go across the windows really slow.

When I look out the window, I see a SUV police car driving by, with the spot light on. The lights are shining between my house and my neighbors.

Just going up the street, looking between the houses.

(Oh GREAT! I’m really not going to sleep anymore)

Of course, Im COMPLETELY freaked out.

The police than reverse down my one way street, and parked at the end of the block.

After a few minutes. they took off down another street.

awesome. Needless to say I didn’t get any sleep and never found out what was going on.


While playing outside with my son yesterday, I met another neighbor. who just happens to live right where the cops pulled over that night.

I asked her what had happened.

(just fyi. I live in a pretty A OK neighborhood)

Apparently that night, a man woke them up BANGING on their front door.

She said her husband was actually going to answer the door (haha) But she obviously put a stop to that and they called the police.

We have no idea if they ever found this shirtless disturber of the night, but at least I now know at least why they were called.

Question for you?

Have you ever had a situation with the police?

4 thoughts on “A visit from the police”

  1. Oh wow scary!!! Never anything that bad. Some guy did break into my car trying to steal my stereo and the police happened to roll up on him. They chased him down and I woke up to banging on my door (the police looking for the owner of the car – apartment building during winter break at school). Good times (not). At least I still had my stereo. Had to get a new driver’s side window (yay) but then my dad installed a car alarm with automatic start! That was nice!

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