Rockin’ and Rollin’ in St Louis

Sunday was the BIG running day!!!

My older brother and I have been running together for about a year and a 1/2 now.p>

  (GO! st louis half marathon 2010)

 This past weekend we ran the VERY FIRST Rock n Roll Marathon in St louis

my cousin, brother, and me before the race!

 My cousin and I ran the half (she killed it!) and my brother ran his VERY FIRST full!


The morning started at 5am w/ a big bowel of oatmeal, water, and coffee.

My cousin and brother met at my house around 6. And we were off!

After two visits to the bathroom, it was time to line up in Group 9!

At 7:47 the race started, but we didn’t get to the start line till 7: 56!!!!!

I know I was more excited for brother who has attempted TWO TIMES before this to complete the full. And now the time had come for him to do it!!

My brother and I stayed together for the first 8 miles, until the full marathon split the other direction. We saw my parents at mile 5

You can see my brother(in gray) and me (navy and red) in the middle, Im not hiding I promise haha

I was actually running over to give them both a hug. I love spectators!

Those first 8 miles were odd. My brother and I were both feeling ok one minute, then sick the next. Then fine. Then our legs cramped up. It just was all over the place WEIRD 

I then turned left and he went right for the full. I was SO proud of him. So excited that he was finally going to be able to accomplish this dream. He has worked really hard.

My parents, sister in law, uncle, and my brothers friend were stationed throughout the full marathon course. So they were able to make sure he was doing ok and to give support


During this time. I was running the final 5.1 miles by myself. I turned my music on and tried to get into a groove. But found myself having off times, and then switched to the runners high. I walked a bit. But I didn’t really push it.

Then at mile 10 I thought. Kristen. This is YOUR run. You are done being the supportive runner (I was actually texting while running. letting my parents and sister in law know where we were, so they could be there for Brian. yep I can run and text haha)

I didn’t do great, but it was faster than GO! st louis half in April. So Ill take it. My time was 2:34. My fastest is 2:04 when Im not pacing a marathoner haha

Afterwards, I got some food and LOTS to drink. And we waited…..

(while showing my dad my cool new medal haha)

 And then he FINALLY came over the hill!

 He was EXTREMELY tired, sore, and worn out. He even said there were times when he didn’t think he could finish.


It was awesome!

We of course had to take group pictures, because…thats what my family does haha

My brother and sister in law

 Me and my brother

 I was laughing because he was leaning on me for support haha

Yep. you can run a half and full marathon, but then you have to stand and look pretty for about 10 minutes haha

 It really was a great day. I was so proud of my brother. And this was my first rock n roll marathon. I wasn’t that impressed because the bands weren’t as frequent as I thought. But the route was SO much better than GO! St louis in april.

Question for you:

Have you ever raced in a rock n roll marathon?


13 thoughts on “Rockin’ and Rollin’ in St Louis”

  1. Woo Hoo! Way to go! Looks like it was a beautiful day! I’ve done several Rock n Roll events and I’m not usually impressed by the music either, by the time you can hear them, you have a few seconds and then you are gone! I don’t run with music anyway, so to me just the snippet that I get from the band, doesn’t do much for me…I think that it has been a great way to get more people excited about running, they do a good job at marketing, but as a runner, I’m not too impressed …
    Glad your brother finally got to finish! I’m sure he was frustrated after last time when they closed the course! Congrats to him! Now…when are YOU going to train for a full!?!?! Angela made the leap…are you next? 😉

    1. haha oh I will not being doing a full. I actually might start racing for a cause, instead of just half marathons where the money just goes to the race. But we’ll see. never say never! haha

      1. I love running for the Leukemia Society (TNT – Team in Training) and my husband is now a coach for them…we have made some life long friends through that…but there are some other great ones – Team Determination is another big one here for the American Cancer Society…I’m sure you’ll find a great cause that is near and dear to your heart…that certainly makes it easy to raise the funds…and you get to go to some great races! And I’ll just pretend you didn’t say that about the Full….I see one in your future…you did a triathalon for pete’s sake!!! You are a strong woman when faced with adversity powers through with determination! You can do ANYTHING!!!!

  2. Can I join you and Hollie?!?! Though, Hollie, I am sure you’d kick my butt! But, Kristen, AWESOME JOB!!! Now you should work with me on a full like your bro! 🙂 PS I need your number or something to text you every night at like 9 when I go into the kitchen and binge. It’s becoming a problem hahaha

    1. I will email you ASAP! night time is a problem for me too! and its usually just because I need to go t bed!
      (and hollie would kick my butt too!)

  3. Sounds like a wonderful family day! I had the joy of running my half earlier this month while cheering my sister-in-law on for her first full. What a site to see her finish! And, yes, she was beat up, but she DID IT! Someday, I think I’ll try one, too. I can’t wait to run a Rock n Roll!

  4. Aaaahhh!!! So excited for you! Amazing! Congrats to your brother.
    I loved my Rock and Roll half in Philly. The bands were about a mile apart so it was pretty good but not as much as I thought. I guess its a lot of distance to cover! I’m doing the DC Rock and Roll full (there is a half that day… March 17th… in case you need a mini vacation…). CAn’t wait!

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