date and sweets (help!)

The past two days I haven’t blogged. Monday I was resting after the half, and then tuesday and wednesday Ive been at work. But I thought I would give some updates!


I forgot to tell you about date # 2. You all know date #1 with David went really well. So on Saturday, I was extremely bored.

I hardly EVER get bored. Mostly because I am either with Andrew or running around with errands or working out. Well on Saturday, I couldn’t work out (I had the half on sunday) and Andrew was with his dad 😦

well, anyway. David asked if I wanted to go to dinner and then to watch the cardinals game. And of course I said yes 🙂


Dinner was at Joey B’s. (my families favorite!) We sat outside and it was really nice out.

Good conversation + delicious food + cool weather= awesome date

We then walked to a small hole in the wall bar down the street. He had a beer. I stuck with water. (yep Im cool like that. I had a half to run in the morning! haha I know everyone in the bar was like…really?!?!LoSeR)

We have been texting pretty much everyday for the past week. I think things are going really well. but we will see. We already have some inside jokes. (I love a guy with a sense of humor!)

Date #3 might be this weekend. He invited me to his friend’s halloween party on Saturday.

He is going to be robin hood. My costume is still a surprise (hint: I bought a brown dress!)

Hopefully it will turn out- fingers crossed!


another thing going on in my life.

Is this pile of stuff on my dining room table that I need to go through and don’t have enough time to sit and look through

 Another depressing sight in my house, are my flowers from trader joes

 😦 I need more flowers!


Last update is the stupid weight lose issue

I have been trying to lose the 30lbs I gained last year at this time, and so far no luck.

The weight has put a real damper on how I feel when I look in the mirror or try clothes on for dates and going out.

My downfall. SWEETS.

I can eat every sugary thing on the planet.

I eat when Im bored, sad, mad, tired, you name it.

And I want to change. I want to lose the weight. I want to be healthy. I don’t want to be an overweight mom. Im also 26, and I should be fit and hip! haha

So I was wondering what tips you guys have. What has worked for you? How do I get back on the weight lose wagon???

6 thoughts on “date and sweets (help!)”

  1. Yay! So happy that your dates are going well. As for the weight loss, as you know that’s something I struggle with as well. Hopefully you get some good suggestions!

  2. Glad to hear about the dates! Sounds like fun and you are enjoying yourself and his company! Those are key!
    As for the weight loss…I will SparkMail you some links…since you are a nurse, you will “get” the physiological/medical parts (some of it went over my head…) I’m sure you know where I”m going with this…as I’ve mentioned it to you before..but I think if you read the “reasons” why it might help you get over the hump of actually doing it. Once you start, it really does become easier and you WANT to get it under control before all of the sweets of the holidays come around!!!! Halloween is just the beginning of the slippery slope down with the sweets!!!
    AND…it’s not just for you to feel better about yourself! It’s about also being a healthy example for Andrew and your family.
    I’ll SPmail you after work when I have time to gather the links!

  3. Ugh, I have been struggling lately too! How do I get back on the wagon? I just clean out my house of all the bad things and stick to clean foods. Basically, I just make myself do it. My biggest issue right now is time, despite being motivated. You can do this girlie!!!

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