Halloween girls night

Last night I had a few girls from work over to see the house and catch up. I love being with these girls. We laugh A LOT.

Before the girls came I got some treats together!

Pumpkin cheese ball!

Andrew and I were able to take these ingredients and make dessert!

First, we melted the white chocolate

You just have to stir. And its ready for dipping!

We then layed them on aluminum foil and of course we needed some halloween sprinkles!

Now they are ready to eat! YUM!

Then I just waited for the ladies to arrive! (and try not to eat everything!)

I also had to clean the whole house. My room doesn’t look too shabby

Question for you:

What appetizers or desserts do you like to make for parties/get togethers?

-Im famous for bringing veggies. So the pumpkin veggie tray was perfect!

(recipes to come tomorrow!)

3 thoughts on “Halloween girls night”

  1. You are quite the hostess my dear! I love all of your pumpkin themed foods! Cute ideas! I bet you had a blast! Andrew is quite the little helper! 🙂

  2. We had a recipe exchange a while back at a friend’s house. Now, every time she has a party, I’m expected to make Gorilla Bread! I have a party next weekend I’m making it for. Its pretty hard so I try not to do it too often!

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