hApPy HaLlOwEen

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

Ours was very low key until it was time to trick or treat!

My son’s halloween costume turned out PERFECT!

Well it all started with a box…..

After a little red spray paint, yogurt cup tops, and glue, the box finally came together and turned into a LEGO!!!

 the glue was used to write lego on the yogurt containers, and then spray paint on top when it was dry.

  It turned out to be a really good night w/ perfect weather

We went to visit family, and ran into my uncle. Who loves halloween (as well as my mom and me) He is the scary guy in the cage- that Andrew didnt want to go by. Imagine that!

 Im in love with a lego ❤

 I love halloween decorations, so when I saw this house I was so impressed!

Each one was a different color light, and they are made out of foam, can you believe that?!?!

 I will say. I would much rather carve a REAL pumpkin. But they were still very impressive

 I got home with some candy and a very tired Lego

 (my mom gave him the book)

I know some of you also remember the brown dress I was looking for, while I was a hamburger. It didn’t turn out as planned, but I still thought I was pretty original



Sorry its blurry. But around the middle, I had dark fabric for the hamburger and fabric to make lettuce, cheese, and a tomato. I then had a necklace that had a mcdonalds container and french fries. David was robin hood.

Question for you:

– What is your favorite candy?

I love twix!

– Would you rather carve a real pumpkin or the foam one that you can keep for years?







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