Halloween Recipes

A week ago, I knew I was going to have the girls over, and we needed some yummy food. So I went to handy dandy google.com and found some and I thought I would share!


The veggie tray made easy!

Ingredients: Carrots, cucumber, and ranch dressing. SO easy and SUPER cute!

Of course you could do this with the dip too!


Our course, if you have candy corn these recipes are perfect!

The chocolate covered pretzels were are extremely easy, and delicious

(and of course I love them because of the sprinkles!)

 The next recipe includes candy corn for another yummy dessert 









I haven’t tried this recipe YET. But it looks absolutely AMAZING!!!!

 wouldnt this be perfect on yogurt or oatmeal?!!?!


And last but not least, the Jack-o’-lantern!

I made this for the girls on Sunday, and it was DEMOLISHED!

 Question for you:

What did you eat for halloween?

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