Guess who

After yesterdays trip to the ER, I was exhausted. But of course I couldn’t sleep. Too much on my mind.

The 6am wake up call from Andrew, was a little unwelcome. (isn’t he suppose to be sick??)

Breakfast before the sun came up

After a trip to the store and another doctor’s visit. We found out that Andrew does NOT have an ear infection (OH COME ON!) but strep is a go. So we are still on antibiotics. But his doctor wants us to keep a close eye on the bruise on his forehead and the swelling

(we are sure it is nothing, most likely just from a VERY active little guy)

When we got home, I started making dinner. Crock pot dinner!

And then I cut my thumb…..

(didn’t want to show blood, encase people get nauseus to that)

But dinner was ready, and so I snacked the rest of the day….. I was exhausted. Andrew was getting antsy. It was a bad combo.  the night actually ended perfectly with a few games of Guess Who.

Guess who before Andrew’s bedtime is how I will remember today, not the other crap stuff that happened.

Now its MY bed time. Andrew is going to school tomorrow, so I need to hit up the gym for about 4 hours! and then maybe a nap for 4~! haha

Question for you:

What was one of your favorite childhood games?

-My brothers and I always use to play UNO. Now a’ days, I love catch phrase or NERTS

6 thoughts on “Guess who”

  1. As kids we always played “Sorry”…and of course there was the obligatory “Candy Land” and “Chutes & Ladders”!
    Now, we like Scattagories, Catch Phrase and with the kids, Pictureka or Disney Scene It!

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