star wars visitor

The day started out with breakfast, and a visit from a star wars guy!

He has been wearing this NON stop. and we got it from target for 4 bucks!!! talk about a deal!

Andrew is feeling much better, so he headed to school and I then took a nap. I have been beaten down by life the past week and just needed more sleep.

After that, I laid in bed thinking. What should I do? Go to the gym? Bike ride? YES bike ride!!! Well the weather was not on my side 😦

The leaves were beautiful! the clouds, not so much. So I got my bag and headed to the gym! I got nice and sweaty on the bike and then did 30!!!! minutes of weights.

I absolutely dislike weights. Mostly because I quit too early. I have no one to push me. But today was different. I pushed myself.

I then worked on a home project. I can’t WAIT to get these up on the wall! They are just a little beat up.

The rest of the day went ok. But I was still snacking A LOT.

Dinner was the pot roast

Wish it had more carrots 😦

Then Andrew and I made a dessert from

Both those recipes to come tomorrow!

Question for you:

What exercise do you do when it is raining?

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