Bathroom Update

Today, I got Andrew off to school. (No visit from star wars today haha) And I headed to the gym. It went great! I love doing 30 minutes of cardio and then weights. My arms and legs were still hurting from Tuesday! I think Im getting my groove back!

I wore this shirt to the gym, I got a few looks haha

Black Friday shirts from last year. maybe they were just intimidated haha

After the gym, I got started on the bathroom! The only decorations, to date, would be the shower curtain that I got at Target! haha

When I moved, I found these shelves that I had in COLLEGE! but were a little banged up.

 A little sanding and a fresh paint of coat, and we were good to go!

We started with a blank wall (BORRRINNNGG)

Of course the rest of the bathroom was a mess

 With the help of a level and my FAVORITE command strips, I had them up on the wall in NO time!

Then I just needed to add a few things that I have been collecting from Michigan and Gulf Shores

The plan is to move the picture frame and candle off the toilet and place them on the shelves, and then have a wooven basket in their place.

I love the results! And it was super cheap! The shells and sand were brought back from vacation, so they cost nothing and have special meaning to us. 


 And After


Now I have this to hang on the other wall, but I need to find some white frames first….from the boxes still in the basement 😦

 Question for you:
What do you do for strength training?

What is your bathroom decorations?-

(update. the bottom one fell off the wall. NO JOKE! when I placed it, it wasnt even on the strips, my bad. So now I need a new starfish picture frame and glass bowel. TOTALLY BUMMED!!!!)

7 thoughts on “Bathroom Update”

  1. Answer to question1: New Rules of Lifting for Women (see comment on previous blog)
    Question 2: Sea stuff. It wasn’t planning but we got these awesome sailboat candle holders in Maine that we needed a place for and our bathroom became sea themed!

  2. Hi Krissy!!!Sorry–long time since my last comment!!
    How have you been??
    I LOVE your bathroom!! You are an inspiriation to me!! I am NOT a decorator!!
    Your shirt was cute too!!! Hahahaha!! Enjoy “Black Friday”–only 1 week from today!!!

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