Running Deal

I have completed 5 half marathons. I have hated some, but after EACH and EVERY one, I ALWAYS sign up for another (even just a few days after!)

Well, I have these amazing friends that I have met through Angie (who is the blogging mind behind The Chicken Scoop) is a great friend and Tiffany who is one my biggest motivators. I have no idea when I met these amazing ladies, but I feel like I have known them forever!

Angie just signed up for her FIRST FULL MARATHON! Isn’t that amazing! She is running the DC marathon on March 17, 2012.


There is a deal for Rock n Roll Half/Full Marathons that is ONLY ToDAY!

You get $20 off races! INCLUDING the St louis Rock n Roll next year!!!

(yes it is a LONG way away, but YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO DO IT!)

SOOOO tomorrow, if you sign up for the Rock n Roll in St Louis it will be only 55 BUCKS! instead of 75!!!!!


well you might be asking, why I brought up Angie and Tiffany. WELLLLLLL Im pondering signing up for the half in Washington DC. I have never been there. But I have always wanted to go. I have also wanted to meet these girls (along with a few others) but they mostly all live on the east coast 😦

So should I take the plung and sign up for the Washington half marathon???? (itwould be 75 instead of 95)

I really want to, but then I have to think about $$$. How to get there? ($$ to get there) The race is March 17th, and I have already signed up for GO st louis on

Basically it all comes down to money. I will be signing up for the rock n roll st louis ( I might even sign up for the FULL. I know. can you believe I just said that!)

 the question is can I afford to fly to DC, pay for a half marathon there, food, hotel, the works…………


4 thoughts on “Running Deal”

  1. I’m in for DC for the half!!! And you can stay with one of us…and…Ang’s new apt. will be about 2hours from DC – right, Ang!? Would we really need a hotel!?
    I’m seriously thinking of St. Louis! I might even consider the full if you do…I know…peer pressure! I love having a race to look forward to!!!

  2. Yes my delaware apartment is about 2 hours from the city but we are staying in DC that weekend with another friend in a hotel room ( so we will have an extra spot in our hotel room I guess!) And Tiff and I have been emailing back and forth all day about DC and St Louis. I really would have to see about the budget for St. Louis since its during the school year and Rob and I will have dropped money on Ireland in February. But its a possibility! Let me know what you decide!!!

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