half or full?

The past few hours have been a whirlwind of emotions.

Last time I left you I was so excited about the possiblity of signing up for the half marathon in DC.

Not only was it on sale, but I would be able to see my friends!!!

In the end, I wasnt able to sign up. At least not at this time. Unfortuantly, that is the weekend I work. And considering it is St Patricks Day weekend, it will be very difficult to trade with someone. I also found that I would proably spend about $ 500 at least for the trip.

And although I could probably find a trade, I don’t know if I will have that amount of money saved up, just for “fun”.

So my excitement, immediately went to sadness and guilt that I was letting my friends down.

Well after MANY emails with Tiffany and Angie, I realized that they weren’t mad that I couldn’t make it.

But we started planning WHAT we COULD do!

And thats when Tiffany signed up for the FULL marathon HERE in st louis!!!! I was so excited again (like I said. Lots of emotions haha)

Well……………Im taking the plung. I signed up for my FIRST FULL marathon.

didnt I just say a few months ago, Im NEVER do a full. Ever. Who would ever do that? how would I find time? I barely have time to train for a half?

Instead. I said screw it and I did it! Ive been in all sorts of races, and all distances. Some I have loved, others not so much. But I am determined to finish this race.

but then again. ask me next summer. The full isn’t until next October. Plenty of time to train right??? haha


This week I have actually been really proud of the fact that I have been moving my body!

After work on Friday, I completed Jillian Michael’s Yoga video. And then Saturday I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Usually, after work I go home and sit. and eat. But I am desperately trying to lose weight before “marathon training” begins.

(I hope I can keep up this motivation!)

Question for you:

Have you ever said you would never do something, and then turned around and did just that?

11 thoughts on “half or full?”

  1. I could make a list a mile long of all the things I said before I had kids that I would never do when I had kids….I think I’ve done them all by now! Also..the I’ll never let anyone eat in my car…well, that didn’t last long either…I’m pretty sure at one point I said I”d never run another full marathon…and here we go! I think that it’s OK to break some of the “nevers” in our lives…things could get to rigid otherwise! Of course, there are some that we should uphold…
    Anyway…..I am SO proud of you for working hard this week on staying active! I know you feel so much better when you do (same is true for me!) and I feel honored to be training for the full with you! You are an awesome, strong, determined, amazing woman!!!

  2. Congrats on signing up for your first full marathon!! That’s awesome 🙂 Good timing in Oct, so you don’t have to train through the winter. My last half was in March which was an interesting time to train. I hope to do a full one day!

  3. Love Love Love!!! I am still trying to figure something out with Rob and heading to St Louis. We will see!!! And if you ever want to come out here, you are more than welcome to stay with us!
    And yes, a marathon was never on my wish list before but I’m somehow signed up for one in March!

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