Today was just a mess. It started out just fine. But then Nothing was going as it should and I was there till almost 9. (not that it matters) But I usually get home at8, so there was a lot going on.

Not only that. But I didnt have much help from support staff or the medical team. The other nurses were a HUGE help. And if they werent there to help, I would still be there! It was a mess.

THen I get home to find out that andrew (who was sick about 9 days ago) is still acting off. He then told my mom that he was going to throw up, and that he is having problems remembering things.

I then sent a message to his dad, saying that we were going ot the doctor again. Which he responds. Well if he had a good doctor this wouldnt be a problem (this after he said he would see andrew this afternoon, and then didnt) I invited his dad to the doctor tomorrow, well see what happens.

Im sorry Im so negative right now. It was just a huge mess at work, then to be told that Im not taking care of andrew, and that he isnt getting better- it was just too much.

this is how I ended my day

Ice cream, squash cake, and Harry Potter.

On the list for tomorrow:

-Doctor for andrew

-tackling the TO DO LIST


Question for you:

What is on your list of things to do tomorrow?

Dont you hate those days that are just HUGE clusters!

6 thoughts on “Cluster”

  1. Enjoy your run! I know for me, when I get back I have a new perspective on things and usually it’s for the better — the sweat helps leak out all the negative stuff from my brain!
    Hope Andrew is feeling better – and you are a great mom who takes awesome care of him…remember – when someone is tearing you down, it’s so that they can feel better about themselves…”If I make her feel like crap by telling her that she’s a bad mom, then I don’t feel so bad about not being more involved…” Just take it from where it comes….
    To do today: run, clean kitchen, fold laundry, vacuum/wash floor…

  2. I hope that the ice cream and Harry Potter helped to make things at least a little better…that would do the trick for me ;). I really do hope that you’re having a better day though! It’s a new week! Tell Andrew to get better ASAP!!!! I don’t like him being a sick-o!

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