Doing a body good

The day started out with pumpkin pancakes with Andrew

After getting him to school, I was first going to go on a run. But I wasnt feeling it. And then I thought BIKE RIDE! I was SO excited! I couldnt wait!

The bike ride was AMAZING. I really zone out and have a good amount of time to just BE. and I get a lot sorted out in my head. Some people get that when they run. I zone out and do a lot of thinking when I swim and run. So I finished 15.5 miles and my butt is killing me haha

Then it was time for groceries! I am reading about the Paleo diet (basically just eating natural food)

look at all the colors!!!

How does it look? I know the bread isn’t Paleo, but were taking it one day at a time.haha Notice the lego books- those will be from santa haha

It was already 11, so I needed a snack ASAP

cucumbers, peppers, and carrots w/ some hummus

notice my roadID? I love it- wore it all day haha


Update on Andrew: So we went to the doctor again today.

They looked again in ever facial opening possible! He has a bump on his forehead where there use to be a bruise. His ears are feeling full, but they look perfect. they did a hearing test and past w/ flying colors.

Reflexes were checked. He had to stick his tongue out. So he checked out just fine. I think they diagnosed him w/ an active imagination. But Im not sold on that.

I also had someone ask how school and home were going, because sometimes if they are having problems there, then they can show physical signs.

I plan on emailing his teacher, but after several conversations today, school seems just fine. And home really hasnt changed. So Im stumped.

The plan: just keep an eye on him, and if he doesnt get better by thursday we will probably have to see a neurologist. 😦

Question for you:

Do you zone out when you work out?

What is your favorite veggie?

-Mine would be peppers. You can do so much with them!

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