Sorry I have been MIA for the past few days. I have been just feeling kindof OFF.

Lots of factors:

-Not enough sleep

-Stress at work

-Tired of dating

-Sad Andrew is going to his dad’s this weekend

-Several people asking for help w/ no “me time”

just lots of stress. so I havent been blogging. mostly because I feel my blogs have been real downers. And I think I actually “lost” one of my good blogging friends. I havent heard from her in weeks 😦

Anyway. I did make a few new recipes!

Ill post them tomorrow!

Last night I also went to dinner w/ the girls from work and to see Breaking Dawn!









Its ok that Im not 15 haha. Team jacob all the way! haha






Tonight Im going to get drinks w/ friends from highschool. Farmers market in the morning. A wedding in the afternoon/evening (which means LOTS of dancing!) And then Sunday I hope to get a lot done around the house, workout, and then Andrew will be home!! YEA!

Question for you:

Do you think my blog is too depressing (be honest. you dont have to put your name if you dont want to)

What areyou doing this weekend?

6 thoughts on “OFF”

  1. I think that your blog is real. It is you. When you are excited about something, it comes through. When you are worried, it’s there, too! It’s who you are and I think that if you were only to focus on being positive all the time, it wouldn’t be real…you are here to share your days with us and sometimes, it’s ok that it’s not all rosy…Life isn’t rosy all the time!!!!
    This weekend….soccer practice, soccer game # 1, soccer game #2, ship the kids off to a friends for the overnight and wake up at 4am to hop the train to philly for the half marathon!!!!! Yeah!

  2. Ugh I have been feeling weird too, and I feel gross because I have been eating my feelings and stress, and happiness too! Instead of losing weight, I am only gaining in stead… 😦 Oh, and I LOVED BREAKING DAWN! SOOO GOOD!

  3. I like hearing what is going on! And if you need to vent, then do it! I feel like I’m a bummer sometimes (a lot lately) too. Just gotta keep truckin right? When I am really starting to feel blah about blogging, I make an effort to only be happy and positive the best I can!

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