Spinning and Paleo

I apologize for yesterday. I did not mean by the title, that I was making a casserole WITH a baby in it haha. Only that the casserole was for my friend who HAD a baby. hahaha. (I thought it was funny)


Today, started w/ taking andrew to school and then I went back to bed. Yep. I woke up at 4 am. WIDE AWAKE. whats up with that???

After sleeping in, I grabbed a half a banana and pb and headed to the gym for spin class!

I havent been in so long and I knew I needed someone else to kick my butt because I wasn’t feeling motivated today. And it totally work. I was a sweaty mess after 15 minutes! Seriously it was gross, and I had to run out of the gym when the hour was up so people didn’t smell me or notice my cherry face!

It was SO MUCH worse than Kirsten Dunst

Next was a really long shower and my favorite breakfast in the world!

I then spent most of the day in this position. I watched a lot of Ellen and began reading this book.

(and no we havent turned the heat on. just using a space heater!)

Thanks to my awesome friend Tiffany, I am FINALLY doing something that she has been telling me for MONTHS to do. and that is reading and starting the paleo diet.

I just started the book, but basically it is about eating what our ancestors ate millions of years ago. Meats, fish, eggs, fruits, veggies, and healthy fats. No dairy

But a few weeks ago, I just started by cutting caffeine. No more diet soda! (except for a treat- like when I go out to dinner, stuff like that) I also am cutting WAY back on the sugar. I LOVE candy and sweets, so this one was really hard! I am the type that wants something sweet after a meal (who’s w/ me on that!?)

I will keep you guys updated! I actually made a Paleo dessert, that I will share with you guys this weekend!

Dinner was actually pretty good too.

Turkey burger w/ ketchup, spinach, red pepper on a arnolds thin. W/ sweet potato fries and blackberries

Even andrew liked the turkey burger! I was surprised! (and that glass of wine I didn’t drink. I wanted to, but then lost interest)

Question for you:

Have you ever tried a “diet” or the paleo diet?

4 thoughts on “Spinning and Paleo”

  1. You know that I love eating this way…I feel awesome…and I don’t really consider it a “diet” as I view that word as a quick fix method…Paleo is more of a lifestyle choice. I choose to eat fresh non-processed foods. Some people call me “picky” now. My answer to them is I’ve chosen to eat foods that are good for me, and when I eat those other foods, I don’t feel well…my belly gets upset and I feel awful. I’d rather not feel awful!
    I know that you don’t believe me, but if you stick to it for a few weeks, you will lose the desire for the candy! You are talking to the candy/ice cream queen here!
    Have a fantastic Thanksgiving…enjoy lots of turkey and all of the yummy veggies!!!

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