Turkey Day (lots of photos!)

How was everyone’s thanksgiving?!?!

My day started with a big breakfast with Andrew.

Of course we goofed around too haha

Oatmeal pancake and LOTS of coffee!

 And then we watched the parade. Someone was VERY excited about santa and asked the whole THREE hours when Santa was going to be there haha

 After the parade, we headed to my parents and played baseball for two hours! Then it was time to make the rest of the food

 Of course while we were cooking, the guys were checking out the four wheeler haha

  We then ate A TON!

 Of course we took a lot of pictures!

Me and my brother

   Everyone just hanging out before dinner

 Me and Andrew

  We also played the Wii and some cards. Eventually it was bedtime and bigger pants

 haha I actually did pretty good w/ the food. I ate but didnt go crazy like usual 

 Question for you:

Do you have any thanksgiving traditions?

What is your favorite food for thanksgiving?

-I LOVE sweet potatoes and raisin dressing

6 thoughts on “Turkey Day (lots of photos!)”

  1. We have a tradition of cinnamon buns for breakfast (and the paleo cinnamon muffins were AWESOME!!!) We head to my in-laws and after eating, the kids flip through the sale flyers and tell Grandmom their wish list…it’s funny how she looks to the moms for the approval or the head shake!
    Favorite food – any veggie – this year, it was my Mother-in-law’s baked cauliflower with garlic and pinenuts. mmmmm….my brussel sprouts w/bacon, cranberries and walnuts was a big hit, too! Could eat that everyday!

    1. just printed off the cinnamon muffin recipe!
      And I love how the moms nod or shake their heads w/ the kids responses (thats what I do! haha)
      you defiantly need to share the brussel sprouts recipe- I dont usually eat those, but i think Im making them wrong

  2. Wow that is a lot of dessert!!!
    We used to have a huge Thanksgiving at my grandmother’s house when I was little but that hasn’t happened in years. So I guess no real traditions left. Rob and I just stayed home and hung around the house. My favorite food is probably the sweet potatoes!

    1. I think there were two other pies hiding! It was INSANE. Luckily my mom didnt make all of them, so the left overs went home w/ other people (otherwise I would be in trouble!)

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