OHH sugar

So on the food front. I can NOT get away from the candy and junk. Every since thanksgiving (imagine that!??! haha)

I have also been working the past two days, and the junk is everywhere. I also had a pretty sick kid yesterday, so the first time I actually sat down was 1 in the afternoon.

So I eat when Im tired. Also when Im bored. I eat more when I eat junk. And today, was one of those days!

Food List:

-Coffee, Oatmeal, banana

-Trail mix & swedish fish & 2 reeses


-Leftover thanksgiving food (turkey, sweet potatoes) Chocolate pudding

-Apple slices. More swedish fish and reese’s 😦

– Pepper and hummus (once I got home I knew I needed to get some veggies! hardly ANY today!)

It doesnt look horrible when I put it on here, but the trail mix was 400 calories ALONE!~

Well, the moral of the story is I NEED TO GET IT TOGETHER!

Question for you:

Do you find that it is hard to get back into the groove after a holiday?

And Im not sure why, but after work THIS song was in my head haha


(sorry. the video feature isn’t work on my wordpress- not sure why…..)

4 thoughts on “OHH sugar”

  1. You know how much better you feel when you don’t have the sugar…try to stay focused on that…I know it will be hard when it’s all around, but you can do it! Take one day at a time and avoid it, then you won’t want it as much…remember, it is an actual physiological addiction…you’ve got to break the cycle!!!! Have cut up veggies on hand so when you want to just “munch” mindlessly, it’s not going to set you off…you can do it!!!

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