Workin’ It

This whole weekend I have been working and Im SOOO glad I have the next two days off. And then next weekend I have a getaway!!!! YEA!!!

Today on the food front was SO much better. I still didn’t eat 100% paleo. but I made better choices when all I wanted was candy, junk, and soda

Breakfast: Coffee, Raisin bagel, and grapes

Lunch: Turkey burger on a arnolds thin w/ red pepper, spinach and ketchup. Sweet potato fries. Pudding w/ pecans

Snack: chocolate covered pretzels, greek yogurt

Dinner: pepper and hummus (REALLY wanted to eat dessert for dinner haha)

Calories: 1741 (450 calories from pretzels- damn)

Oh well. tomorrow its gym time and time to be by myself. And I have to get the house back in order 😦

Question for you:

What did you do this weekend?


2 thoughts on “Workin’ It”

  1. Good for you! Stay strong, girl! You can do it!!!! Try eating more protein…some at every meal…that will hold you over longer and help get rid of the craving for the sugar!
    I hear you about the house…mine looks like the Tasmanian Devil’s been here for a week!

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