Justin the Elf arrives

Today was busy busy. Got a lot ton.

I was not feeling the gym AT ALL this morning. Time to run errands instead. First was walgreens for a return. My parents to look at the ads in the newspaper.

Target. I got WAY too much stuff.  A lot of xmas stuff and I am looking for CHEAP riding boots. I love these from target, but I cant find them and they don’t sell them online 😦

Also, tried Macy’s w/ no luck. But I did get Andrew a lot of xmas gifts so I guess it all worked out.

By the time I got home, it was time for lunch! Quick snack and then gym!

 The gym was ok . nothing special, but I should have worked out harder.

Shower and then got Andrew from school.

While making dinner, the kitchen was a diaster!

 Dinner was pork tenderloin w/ peppers and some cheese. A side of greek yogurt and granola and grapes

 Of course, our household got a visitor!

 Have you heard of this before? Well the kids name the Elf. And each night he goes to tell Santa if you were good or bad. Then he flies back and is found in a different spot. Then in the morning the kids have to find the new spot. You can make some pretty funny ones!








(seriously check out pinterest has a ton of pictures!)

So far Andrew is having a blast w/ it (and me too!)

Meet Justin Richards the Elf

 We found him watching tv in MY spot haha.

My best friend/cousin Jill got this for Andrew, and I will keep you updated on his locations! haha

(notice: I did MUCH better on the food front! YEA me! haha)

Question for you:

Have you heard of Elf on the Shelf? Do you do it for your kids?

Are you getting ready for the Christmas?

6 thoughts on “Justin the Elf arrives”

  1. I just heard about the Elf on Thanksgiving…sounds like so much fun! My kids would love that…I’d just be afraid that I’d forget to move him…just like sometimes the tooth fairy forgets our house in her rounds…
    Almost done our shopping…just need a few odds and ends and stocking stuffers…it will be my earliest yet!
    Did you try Kohl’s for the boots? I got mine there a few years ago…love them! And they have a ton online…catch a good sale and use an additional %off coupon and you’re golden!

    1. those are really cute! Im just looking for cheap- around 40. Im just trying to talk myself into buying something that is just for me. I have a problem validating that its ok

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