The meaning of life

I saw this video on Apparently it was also on Good Morning America.  And it touched me

When I saw the title, “Teen’s videos go viral after death“, I just had to watch it. It brought tears to my eyes. And it made me realize that life is short, and the things that matter are the people who surround you.

Im sorry it wont let me post it directly here, Im not sure why 😦

Packing up

Well its about that time to get the tree taken down, and put away all the Christmas decorations. 😦

Each year Santa has given us a new ornament. It usually had something to do with a trip we took that year, or an interest we have. (my brothers got a lot of cars and tractors haha)

I found some of my favorite ornaments, and I wanted to show you guys!

My baby shoe ornament

My parents just bought Andrew a pair! haha

Andrew also has two ornaments he got in 2005. One from Santa

And one from my parents.

This is my all time favorite, because The Wizard of Oz is my #1 movie (even though she MAY look a bit creepy)


And then the third runner up, is this ornament that my mom also has

We also have two ornaments from Disney. This one is mine

And here is Andrew’s. His lights up!!!

Question for you:

Do you have a favorite ornament?

Are all your decorations packed up?

OHH sugar

sugar coma. sugar addiction. sugar hangover.

Call it whatever you like, I’ve got it.

From all the cakes, cookies, and candy this weekend. I was REALLY dragging at work yesterday.

I just felt BLAH. I didn’t have any energy (imagine that) and I need to get it together!















and this weekend I really didn’t eat TOOO bad. There have been years when I was rolling on the floor in pain from being stuffed!!

I need to get out of this funk! And I know that getting a good workout in, will do the trick.


I also need to stay away from the cookies and peanut M&Ms that I have already shoved in my mouth are all around the NICU!!!!!

This morning I did make it to the gym. I also got up to a speek of 8.5, which is a 7min mile. (but I only ran it for a minute during intervals) My goal is to try to get up to two minutes at that speed, and just keep going. (we’ll see…..haha)

Question for you:

Do you feel a sugar rush? and the crash afterwards?

What are you doing to get back on track after the holiday?

Change of plans

The last I talked w/ you guys, I had a HUGE picture post about christmas. And yesterday I was going to talk about how I was having a sugar hangover, but things change (ill still post this later)


Yesterday at work, it started as a calm day. I had a 1 day old baby that was doing very well, but was born WAY too early.

Usually within the first 48 hours, the baby goes through, what we call, the Honeymoon Period. Basically, the baby is doing great! The baby might get extubated, have perfect vital signs, and just look comfortable. Then when the honeymoon is over, these babies get in big trouble. (They CAN have problems (and usually do) but every baby is different.)

not a honeymoon like this

That evening the baby was not looking good at all. Things went down hill very quickly and the team was called to come help. We were very busy w/ new orders and procedures. When this happens, everyone’s adrenaline is very high (stress levels are also). Luckily, the night shift came in around 7pm, and we had more hands on deck.

I didn’t end up leaving till around 9pm. Not that it matters the time, but I just felt so bad for the family (who I got very close to throughout the day). And also the tiny baby that was very unstable.

Then I heard someone ask the mom if she had touched the baby yet. (my adrenaline also dropping) And I started to cry. The mom wasn’t even able to hold her baby. I knew it was time to go. I couldn’t let the parents see me tearing up. I have a problem/advantage of wearing my heart on my sleeve.

isn't this really cute!

I also have a thing for talking too much. So I knew that after something like that happens, I need someone to talk to. And I realized, I didn’t have anyone at home. (insert more tears)

On the way home, I picked up Andrew from my parents who brought my spirits back. He said “Mom. I swear ALL I dream about is legos!~ I don’t know why…..” haha this came out of nowhere.

Andrew and I when he was a few months old 🙂






I immediately started laughing, while still crying. I guess I just needed my little guy. I put him to bed, made some dinner and called it a night.

And by dinner I mean REAL food. Usually, after a day like that I would reach for ice cream, sweets, and carbs. But I really didn’t do that last night. (luckily I dont have ice cream in my house haha)

I know this was a long post. Probably about something that doesn’t matter. But I just needed to get it out there. Thank you if you made it this far! haha

Merry Christmas! (lots of pictures!)

The story of Kristen and Andrew’s Christmas Eve and Day

I spentChristmas Eve, working in the NICU with all the babies and a fun group of women. We laughed  and had A LOT of sweets to choose from 🙂

At 7:30pm, I headed to my parents house. They were having dinner w/ my brothers, nephew, sister in law and her family. I of course had a blast! (but was so tired!)

This is what I look like after 5 hours sleep and a 12 hour shift haha (oh and lots of sweets haha)

10:30 Mass was next on the agenda. Andrew fell asleep before mass started. I wanted to join in!

11:45 cookies and milk for Santa

Christmas Day

7am: I was jumped on by Andrew- SANTA ARRIVED!!! Merry christmas!

7:01 We first started with the stockings!

7:10 Andrew was getting anxious. SOOOO many presents to open! haha We then called my parents, who were coming over to watch us open our gifts.

7:30 made some hot chocolate. Coffee for me!

8:00 Parents arrived and time for gifts!

I got some socks, cupcake pan, eyelash curler, pedicure set, and a camera case! Dont forget the starbucks gift card 🙂

Andrew and I played for a bit, while my parents headed home

11:00 Breakfast at my parents house w/ my younger brother and his girlfriend


I got a kitchenaid mixer! !!!!!!

A printer

A pretty necklace from my sister in law, brother and nephew

socks (its a tradition)

tools and tool bags from my younger brother (he picked me in the secret santa)

An ornament from the Cherry Hut that we go to every year when we go on vacation in Michigan (ornaments are also a tradition)


I also got an ornament from my neighbors (my second family. I miss living next door to them)

3pm Back home to relax. Andrew and I were both exhausted!!!!

5pm Grandmas house w/ all the aunts, uncles, and cousins.

The girls all got 31 bags from our grandparents!! YEA!


At my grandparents, we ate, played games (we have a ping pong tourney every year) , opened gifts, and even played a game of rob your neighbor.

I brought a very tired 6 year old home around 11 and we crashed.

 I feel very blessed ❤

Question for you:

What was your favorite part of christmas?

A christmas miracle!!

I have SOOO much to update everyone on for Christmas Eve and Christmas. Andrew and I are so blessed to have such amazing family and friends.  I hope everyone had an amazing holiday!


I want to do the holiday justice, so it will have to wait till tomorrow, but I will let you in on ONE of the best things to happen 🙂



On Christmas Eve, I received my present from Andrew and it was a brand new camera! I was so excited! you guys know Ive needed one since August when I lost it in Michigan 😦 . But that camera had some pictures and videos that were never uploaded on my computer. I was completely bummed for months!!! I even called stores, restaurants, and City Hall in the town asking if anyone had found it. Ive been stealing borrowing my moms since then.

Around noon on Christmas Day, we opened gifts from my parents and then headed home for a nap before going to grandmas house. Andrew and I arrived at my grandparents around 5pm. First, my mom hurries over to me, hands me a pink 31 bag and tells me to go open it in front of everyone. Um what? Why would I go open something in front of everyone when they aren’t openning anything…….but I went with it.

And this is what I say. “Um. Is this my camera Andrew gave me last night” (I was thinking I had left it at my parents, and they were trying to say – LOOK. you already lost it haha)


THIS is the camera I lost in MICHIGAN!!!!!! IN AUGUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently earlier in the day, my mom was getting a bag out of her closet, and it fell out on the floor!  all she kept saying was “OH MY GOD. You are NOT going to believe this!!!!!!!”

Well she put some tissue paper in a 31 bag and gave it to me! I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE IT!

I have been smiling ALL NIGHT! I can’t wait to charge the battery and get the pictures on my computer. (Im still not sure what I will do with the camera I got last night.) But really!!! talk about a strange event happening on Christmas!

I hope you all had an amazing day and I will catch up all up soon!


Get off your booty

Even though this morning started on a not so happy note, this evening was a different story. I ate well today and made it to the gym!

Breakfast: my favorite egg sandwich. It just never gets old!

Coffee for the trip to the pediatrician

Lunch: Macaroni, veggies, and shrimp. W/ a laughing cow cheese and parmesan cheese

Dessert: three cookies

Snack: popcorn

Dinner: Yogurt, strawberries, and granola (my stomach isnt feeling too good) and cookies from my parents.

My appetite has been really low the past two days. I hope I’m not getting sick too!!!

Andrew is spending the night at my parents because I work tomorrow, so instead of just going home and eating the refrigerator, or sitting on my booty. I went to the gym!!!! I did 30 minutes on the treamill of intervals- it was perfect!! Im so glad I went!

 Now its time for bed, praying that I will get called off tomorrow (a girl can dream) while watching “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”

Question for you:

What have you been doing for exercise now that it is getting cold?


Cody and Andrew Updates

Well I have a few updates for you guys! Both not so good.

So Cody and I were doing really well. I liked him a lot. We seemed to get along great. Had a lot in common. I also never felt any akward moments w/ him. But the past few days have been a little off. I haven’t heard from him much (I always have to text him. PS I HATE texting. I mean ok I like it. But to have a conversation there is not a good idea. Someone usually thinks when they say something, they mean something else. Its never good)

I don’t know if its OFFICALLY over. We still talk, but its random. I guess we’ll just see. I did have a mini break down last night. But more of the “Im single for the holidays. Im by myself” kinda blues.


The second update is about my main little man, Andrew.

This morning he woke up with a sore throat and saying his ears hurt. It took a total of about 5 seconds when I looked at his throat to know he had strep. So we headed to the doctor, got some antibiotics, and we are now watching tv. I just hope I don’t get it (im not feeling 100% blah!)

When we went to get a vanilla shake from mcdonalds, I couldn’t believe the rude people that were there. Don’t they know that christmas is in two days and thats more important than who was in line first or not?!?!?!

Anywho. Dear TV gods, can you please put more christmas movies on. THere are NONE!

Question for you:
what fun things did you get to do today?

Any last minute shopping?


Christmas Presents

Today started out by sleeping in (won’t be doing that for awhile since Andrew will be on break. I started the morning w/ coffee and an egg/PB/Banana sandwich. YUM!

While wrapping, I had Pandora w/ the Bing Crosby Holiday. Loved it. Im sure people could hear me outside. I have a beautiful voice haha

I then got to packing.

 I loved this present! too pretty to open 🙂

And this was another favorite. (pssttt there are star wars pj pants in there haha)

On Christmas Eve, Andrew will be able to open the present with his pjs. Of course he wears them that night!

He will also be able to open the ornament. This year I made his by super glueing the pieces together of a small lego. Now I just need to figure out how to hang it on the tree……………………………haha

The little fellow only had a half day, so I picked him up and we made some cookies. I first made some Paleo cookies (I got some coconut flour!) The cream cheese frosting is not paleo. Andrew was my taste tester!

(did you spot justin?)

Here are some of the recipes we used:

cream cheese frosting
Paleo sugar cookies
sugar cookies

Im so excited for christmas! Now we are ready to go! Im a little bummed though. Tonight, there doesn’t seem to be any christmas movies on tv 😦

Question for you:

What family traditions do you have?