November Superlatives

November was such a busy and FUN month!  I really found that I did a lot of different things around the house, for Andrew and for myself! (which I am always working on!)

  • For Around the House

-I first received a great item! That now holds our passports, important documents, and special items. My first lock box!

-I finally started decorating the upstairs bathroom- it looks so much better. It was so bare before!

-I signed up for pinterest, and found a MILLION things I want to try. (now I just need about 60 hours in a day!)

-I finally put away the fall decorations, and started getting ready for christmas. Now I just need some christmass CDs (can you believe I don’t own any….my mom is the one w/ the CDs)

  • For Andrew

-We made our first trip to the ER…… EVER. And we are still unsure of why he was acting strange, had a large knot on his head, and said he couldn’t hear……

 -Went to visit the animals at the zoo. Andrew and my nephew had a blast (and I did too!)

Justin the elf arrived!

  • For myself

Signed up for my FIRST FULL marathon

-I started focusing on what Im actually putting in my mouth. I am a MUCH happier person when I eat “clean”. I started investigating the Paleo Diet…..although I did eat a lot of sugar for a few days after thanksgiving 😦

-I had a ONE ON ONE yoga session. Just me and the teacher. It. was. awesome!

Cooked a few new things, (like baby casserole haha) next month i need to try more!

  • and MORE FUN!

-I became a 14 year old school girl, when I went to see twilight and swooned over Jacob haha

Thanksgiving with my family was amazing. I had so much and it went by WAY too fast! (thank goodness xmas is right around the corner)

-I received a blogger award. My very first! I was thrilled

-Partying a little toooo hard at a “family” wedding. But it was absolutely gorgeous



My goals for Nov were: lose a lb a week and eat better. I defiantly started eating better and working out more. I didnt weigh myself last month, but I know I lost at least 2 lbs and ILL TAKE IT!

Goals for next month are the same: Eat CLEAN. Workout at least 4 times a week. And lose some LBS!

3 thoughts on “November Superlatives”

  1. I am so behind your blogs!!! Anyway, love your pink lock box! We have the same one to keep our stuff safe too!

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