Shedd’s aquarium

After arriving in style in Chicago on Friday, it was time to hit the ground running!

We headed straight to Shedd’s aquarium. Luckily, I packed breakfast and snacks (yogurt, granola, hummus, carrots, cucumbers, and pecans) on the train and wasn’t hungry.

The aquarium was absolutely amazing! Just take a look at the pictures!!!

  sea turtle!


 sea horse

 JELLIES!!!! (said in Finding Nemo voice!)



  after 6 hours in a train and two hours at the aquarium, dont judge! haha (minus my mom)

  the blue thing on the left is a really pretty fish



 After the aquarium (and problems in the park garage- they weren’t going to let me out!) we headed back to my cousin’s condo, changed into comfy clothes, and ate a million gardetto’s got some pizzas!

….more to come tomorrow!

Question for you:

Would you rather go to an aquarium, museum, or planetarium?

– Aquarium for me!

7 thoughts on “Shedd’s aquarium”

  1. Aquarium. Grew up in NY so we went to all of the big museums as a kid, but never an aquarium. Only as an adult have I been! The one in Monterey, CA is my favorite, though also been to the one in Baltimore and Tampa…live 20 min from the State one in NJ – never been! At this point, I think I’d fall asleep in the planetarium!

  2. Boy I am in the minority here! I do appreciate a good aquarium (been to the NJ one, Brooklyn, and AC) but I love museums so much more. I think its because I’m such a history buff. I love seeing old stuff and learning how people lived in the past!

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